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I'm looking for a landlord in a coastal or county area, particularly in the North Wales area looking for a reliable woman with teenagers and a little doggy eager to prove to be excellent tenants, proving people who have had hard times, health problems and don't have much are willing to show we're good people, not bad tenants as often believed and in need of a life to save mine in particular. I want to live, contribute to a community, be an eye opening conscientious tenant. I've included a couple of pictures of beautiful places I've loved, I would love to be able to live where I, we can travel or walk to an amazing view to feel alive, make me want to carry on and live /give to a community by finding any job and being content. I'm a human being and really would appreciate advice or anything anybody could suggest to help us achieve a life. If people have contacts/friends who may have any involvement or any experience in the rental industry or similar, please message me. This is a major need for me and my boys and my little doggy. Please help me in any way you can if you have read my message, please drop me a message, anything, how little I'll appreciate so much. Maybe many out there will believe I'm dreaming but basically I'm looking for a new home and life, its too short to carry on the way I /we are. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my advert, with regards, Jennifer xx

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