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New Old Stock Heating Cable Ribbon Braid 240V 130W for propagator greenhouse

I bought this some years ago to put under my greenhouse propagator tray (but never used it as I also had a soil immersion heater as well). It has been stored in the dry ever since.

I have just tested it and it warms up after about 30 seconds, so is not overly hot.
As the label says it is 240 VAC and 130 Watts.
Model Type KVP-16-5
Made by l-flex Surface Heating Equipment
Size 7

The element is 15mm wide and the roll is 55cm circumference on the outer loop.
There are 20 turns on the roll so this might fit with the element being 7 meters long (no guarantees).
Please note that this is NOT temperature controlled and is probably ONLY for use in a dry environment.

I am only offering this in case it is of use to someone. Please only consider buying this if you know what you are doing with such electrical equipment.

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