Advert Description

Day old chicks

(day old and upwards)

Require heat

starting at £6 each unsexed

£8 each hens (legbars)

£8 Silkies, brahmas, Faverolles

Older birds available

My breeds

Gold top silkies
Black mottled pekin (smooth and frizzle)
Buff mottled pekin
Lavender mottled pekin
Blue mottled pekin
Crested cream legbars (autosexing)
Gold Dutch bantams
Pure gold silkies
Mixed coloured silkies
Black silkies
Marsbars Oliver egger (Easter eggs)
Barnvelder bantams
Salmon faverolles bantams
Buff Orpingtons
Blue partridge Brahma bantams
Blue Brahmas
Lemon Pyle Brahmas

Minimum of 3 chicks per order

If you’ve got a broody/brooding hens these are ideal.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Business Advert
Current Age
6 months