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Hello and welcome to Pianos4everyone.

This is a stylish Chappell piano dating back to 1980.

The piano is in superb condition and you can see from the photos how stylish the piano is. The legs are unusual and add to the pianos character.

Chappell London Pianos were one of England's finest piano makers.

Chappell London Pianos only produced pianos of the highest quality - these pianos were built by the finest of artisans using the best available materials and components.

We have always found Chappell London pianos to be very reliable and resilient, musical and artistic - all attributes found in very well made pianos.

This particular Chappell London Upright Piano is an used piano and is in excellent condition. The tone is a big rich sound, very inviting, reflective of the large size of the piano, like an upright grand piano.

All our pianos are regulated and tuned before delivery.

We are fully experienced at moving pianos and do so in with as little disruption as possible and are able to deliver the piano to you to fit around your work/personal commitments.

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