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Gentle dawn horse rescue is a small charity that operates in and around hertfordshire with additional 100 miles max.
unlike other rescues we try our best to make sure no horse suffers in any means, though we try to avoid starved cases
and focuse soley on the mental effects of their neglected or abused past we will take in on starved in emergency.
We don't BUY horses, so please don't offer one with a price. If we are to pay for any rescue we only offer £1
as proof of payment
that the horse is no longer in the care of its previous home.
All rescued horse go through an assessment period, during this assessment we do our up most to research everything we can, from previous owner info, or old adverts, or if passport provided or microchip scanned.

Also any training or rehabilitation starts. Rescues will then either go up for rehoming at market value or stay for either permanent home or longer rehabilitation.

All proceeds go back into the care of the horses.

Will take yearlings, foals,
geldings, mares and fillies. ( due to corvid we are currently unable to take in colts over 15months)
Any size and breed.
Blank canvas to broken and ridden.
Will retrain to a different discipline if necessary.
Behaviour problems, dangerous habits or down right just dangerous
Home built Stables available to take any sze horses from Shetlands to shire.
Taking the ones you don't want, have time for, proof of neglect or just downsizing your stock.

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