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Hello all brothers & sisters,

Spiritual University of Supreme soul Shiv: 
* This is a free spiritual university for all 7+ billion souls, where age, gender, religion, your job, status does not matter.
* GOD father SHIV is here on earth to establish one country, one religion, one language and destroy this impure old world and all it's religions. 
* God father's world renewal plan is in progress to finish the old world and establish haven/the golden age/the paradise/the jannat/the swarg on this earth. 
* He explains how we all became impure and how to become pure via Rajyog (King of Yoga or Yoga full of secrets).
* It is only in this Confluence Age, Supreme Soul Shiv comes to teach us the Geeta's spiritual knowledge & make us powerful souls/batteries/points of light/stars.
* Only the GOD father Shiv establishes peace, love, happiness in this world once every 5000 years when we children become totally impure.
* This free spiritual knowledge/Rajyog is from the Supreme soul - The GOD Father Shiv to all his 7+billion soul children. This golden opportunity comes only once in every 5000 years cycle at the confluence of end of the old world and beginning of the new world. 
* This knowledge will bring everlasting happiness in your life as a soul, whatever be your circumstances. There are four subjects of this spiritual study - Knowledge, Yoga, Assimilation and Service.
* With this knowledge, you will learn your true identity as a soul, know your father supreme soul Shiv, know the evolution of life on earth, know when the different religions come into the existence, how this world is transforming from impure to the pure world full of pure souls.    
If you are interested in knowing about Rajyoga (King of all yogas), please let us know. We can do the course face to face OR via internet at your convenient time. 
Course can be done in just 1 hour or more based on your interest.   This is a completely free course and no contract to sign. 

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