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Loan/would consider loan with view to buy. Please read add carefully, I apologise for long advert, but I want to be totally honest.
I am tentatively looking for a home for this boy, but he is a very unique/qwerky horse so I realise it might be difficult.
On the ground, Brandy can be difficult to handle, he is not nasty but can be very playful/boisterous which many people find intimidating. However he will stand nicely to groom/shoe/clip and tack up, loads perfectly!
To ride, he can be very spooky, especially when he's not in regular work! But he is honest and very willing, he has never said no to anything, just can be nervous in noisy traffic and is quite green when it comes to his experience in all ridden aspects. This is down to what I originally thought were lameness issues... He can look 'off' on the lunge, so because he was insured I decided to investigate! He had tendons and ligaments scanned in both front legs the even scanned an old scar on his shoulder, he had nerve blocks all the way up to his neck, he had back, neck, shoulder and elbow xrayed and he had a scintigraphy scan and they all came back clear! My vet believed he was just a bit of an awkward youngster who needed time and then lots of work to get strong, which now I understand is quite typical of the breed. I really believe if he was fit and in regular work he would just look better and better! It's also worth mentioning that when he is in work he is MUCH easier to do in all ways. He has only ever paced when very tired or confused in the school.
One other bad point is he does bite, not nastily though.

I just do not have the time to have him in regular work, it breaks my heart that he is bored. I really think he could be a superstar if someone was willing to put in the time and effort. He needs someone patient who understands young horses, because physically and mentally he is more like a 4 year old than a 7 year old! Only a 5* home would be considered.

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