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This advert is located in and around Rotherham, Soth Yorkshire

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This is our current invertebrates stock list.
All our inverts come in tubs, rubs or setups.
Acanthoscurria Geniculata
Aphonopelma Seemanni
Brachypelma Auratum
Brachypelma Boehmei
Brachypelma Emilia
Brachypelma Hamorii
Brachypelma Verdezi
Caribena Versicolor
Chaetopelma Olivaceum
Chilobrachys sp. "Electric Blue"
Chilobrachys Huahini
Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens
Cyriopagopus sp. "Hati Hati"
Cyriopagopus sp. "Hati Hati Purple"
Davus Pentaloris
Galeodes sp
Grammostola Porteri
Grammostola Pulchra
Grammostola Pulchripes
Haplopelma Minax
Harpactira Pulchripes
Heteropoda Venatoria
Heteroscodra Maculata
Hysterocrates Gigas
Hysterocrates sp. "Cameroon"
Iridopelma Hirsutum
Lasiodora Parahybana
Monocentrophus Balfouri
Neoholothele Incei "gold"
Nhandu Coloratovillosus
Omothymus Violaceopes
Orphaneus sp. Blue
Phidippus Regius
Poecilotheria Metallica
Psalmopoeus Cambridgei
Psalmopoeus Irminia
Psalmopoeus Pulcher
Pterinochilus Murinus Usambra
Pterinochilus Sazmai
Socotra Island Blue
Theraphosa Stirmi
Tliltocatl Albopilosum
Tliltocatl Kahlenbergi
Tliltocatl Vagans
Tliltocatl Verdezi
African Land Snails
Assassin Beetles
Caribbean Hermit Crabs
Cockroaches: Domino, Ghost Porcelain, Headlight,
Egyptian Predatory Beetle
Giant Vinegaroon
Isopods: Giant Orange, Tropical Grey, Mixed, Dward White.
Jungle Nymphs
Millipedes: African Train, Bumblebee, Cameroon Matt Black, Delta Brown, Ghana Speckled, Giant African Olive, Giant Fire, Nigerian Banded Centipede, Purple Banded, Thai Rainbow.
Scorpions: Asian Black Forest, Desert Hairy, Pygmy Wood, Stripe Tailed, Vietnam Black Forest,
Two Spotted Assassin Bug
XL Purple Vampire Crabs
We are a shop with business premises.
Licence No: 042207
Open Monday to Saturday 10-6
Sunday 10-2
Please do not come with the hope to browse as we do have social distancing precautions in place. That said, livestock is available to purchase and if buying, you will be able to view before you buy .
Dearne Valley Pet Centre

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Business Advert
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