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# if COVID has left your family financially struggling, please ask about a discount that covers costs #
Hatching and raising poultry is an amazing thing Our family has done together.
Would you like to share this experience with your family? All equipment, support, and fertile eggs are here in one package.
Day 1 : Collection of kits and pre-set eggs
Day 4 : Chicks hatch
Hatching kits have 6/8/12 pre-set eggs (= ready to hatch)
(sometimes with an extra egg!)
There are a range of Rainbow eggs from much loved family chickens. Offspring may lay blue / olive egg even if they hatch from a brown egg, due the genetics from the cockerel.
More details about the parentage of each egg at time of collection and during hatch and brooding stage
Cost £60 - £120 (with additional £50 returnable deposit)
FCCE families discount (please ask)
Contents :
Incubator (different sizes, photos via whataspp)
Either source your own fertile eggs OR Pre-set eggs (6/8/12 or other as agreed)
Brooder + liners
Heat lamp/plate
Concurrent support via WhatsApp
Chicks crumb if required (5kg for £5)
ALL preset eggs have guaranteed fertility and development (verified by candling) with excellent chance of hatch
Several 100% hatches from our kits!
100% not guaranteed due to factors beyond control.
We improve on the common low hatch rate of first timers by taking the loss from non developing eggs during the first 2 weeks of incubation. So our kits often get 100% hatch.
When deciding number of eggs, you need to account for approx 50% males.
Chicks can be kept or returned. We rehome ANY unwanted cockerels. This service is free.
COVID no contact collection from BS36

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Crested cream legbar / Easter eggers
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