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Mar 2021 update:
Good availability and fertility now
Local collection only for good fertility and egg condition.
We do not routinely post fertile eggs.
We have had big problems ordering online, lots of detached air cells and poor fertility :o( so we are big fans of local fresh fertile eggs.
Blue / olive / green / cream / brown / pink eggs, from much loved family pet chickens.
These produce ‘Easter egger’ hybrid chickens that lay ‘rainbow eggs’ with a range of colours.
Pure/F1/F2 hybrids of Crested cream legbar and Araucana,
Warren, Black tail, Speckledy, Black copper marans, Plymouth Rock, campine and the Ranger hen shown in photo,
Really good family pet chickens
We also supply hatching eggs that have been 'set', therefore with guaranteed fertility, and nearing lock down stage of incubation. These are eggcellent for putting under a broody hen or a simple home incubator to watch the hatching stage.
This has enabled local families to hatch eggs in a simple incubator without the hassle of the first 2 weeks of turning, and they get verified fertility as they can candle the eggs and see the unborn chick moving.
Fresh hatching eggs available daily.
Pre set fertile eggs for broody hen are often available immediately or can be ordered for a specific date depending on availability of space in the incubators.
Set eggs need to be collected 1-7 days before hatch day, and transported very gently to a ready incubator. (see advert for incubator hire)
Hatching eggs - £2 each (with 1 extra thrown in per 6 to allow for some infertile eggs).
Multi-buy - 18 hatching eggs for £30
Set eggs - £4 each. Fertility and live embryo verified by candling at time of purchase.
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