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Here is my Chocolate & Tan boy that carries Blue and Testable Chocolate (Isabella).
New Shade producer.
He also has

His Grandad (mother’s Dad) is the worlds famous CHECKMATE.
He is the son of the worlds best Chocolate & Tan around called
BRUTUS “The Activator”
Who is owned by probably the best breeder around in
If you know your Frenchies then you know this boy is packed with the best top quality bloodlines, who have produced some awesome litters, from BOTH sides of his world famous parents.

Hence the reason why this little fella is phenomenal and has a quality DNA of;
at/at, 2x copies Tan.
D/d, 1x copy Blue.
b/b, 2x copies Non-Testable Chocolate (Lilac).
B/b, 1x copy Testable Chocolate (Isabella).
ky/ky, 0x copy Brindle.
n/n, 0x copy Pied.
He will pass Tan to ALL 100% of his litter (which is the best of the A-locus gene).
He will pass Non-Testable Chocolate (cocoa) to ALL 100% of his litter (which you NEED for Lilac and New Shade).
He will pass Blue to 50% of his litter (which you MUST HAVE to make Lilac, Isabella and New Shade).
He will pass Testable Chocolate to 50% of his litter (which you NEED for Isabella and New Shade).
This means he can produce multicoloured litters and all the colours from;
Black & Tan
Blue & Tan
Lilac & Tan
Isabella & Tan
New Shade & Tan

Since BUDDIE has
NO Brindle
NO Pied
then he will cancel
1x copy of your bitches Brindle
and cancel
1x copy of your bitches Pied
Which will produce top quality pups as no one wants Brindle or Pied in their pups or breeding program.

Perfect structure
Perfect bone mass
Perfect muscle mass
Perfect height
Perfect quality chucky head
Perfect snout/muzzle (not to effect breathing)
Perfect quality bloodlines
Perfect DNA

Taking bookings now for BUDDIE.
With a small non-refundable deposit.
PLEASE contact me on your bitches first day that she comes into heat.

Price to be paid in full on the first mating.
Price will include either 2x AI’s at my local Fertility Clinic (can include booster packs if you want) or I will allow natural mating at YOUR own risk with a contract to sign.

Buddies Price list is:
Natural Mating of any DNA - £1000.
Testable Chocolate 2x copies - £800.
Testable Chocolate 1x copy - £750.
No Testable Chocolate (B-Locus proof) - £600.

I can also arrange semen collected, chilled and posted next day delivery to anywhere in the UK at your costs. I can also arrange semen posted abroad at your costs.

You are best off getting your bitches bloods taken and tested prior to the mating, to check that she is at optimal fertility OR if you don’t mind travelling I have my own ovulation machine BUT it is best used throughout your bitches heat cycle taking daily readings to find her peak fertility point, if you live too far from me then a possibility I could house your bitch for a few days leading up to the mating.

Proof of over 408,000,000 sperm count in the photos with certificates.
WOWWWW that’s 408million working little swimmers to impregnate your bitch’s fertile eggs and give you some handsome top quality puppies.
Certificate shows NO PROBLEMS found in MAY 2020.

If by some reason your bitch is not pregnant then please contact me as soon as possible within 10weeks and we will go again.

I can also do a pup back deal where contracts are signed, I complete the stud for free and I get the 2nd pick of the litter back for free.

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French Bulldog
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14 months
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