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Anssems GT 750 201x101 HT Trailer
Anssems Trailers started production in the Netherlands in 1977 and still produce there today. Anssems has always had the reputation of building 'the unbreakable trailer' and again this has been the starting point of the new line of products.
The GT 750 201 HT Trailer is the smallest in the 750kg GT range, but still enjoys all the same high-quality features, construction and components of the larger trailers. This trailer is nice and nimble and can be moved and stored very easily. Despite being the smallest trailer in the 750kg GT range it can accommodate up to 594kg of goods and is more than man enough to cope with all your camping needs.
The 750 stands for the MGW, so in this case 750kg, with a load carrying capacity of 594kg.
The 201 element of the name is the Load bed length.
HT stands for Hard Top. The hard top has numerous benefits over and above the additional load carrying capacity. The top provides greater security, but is also load bearing! This platform can be used to add a roof rack together with cycle carriers, Kayak holders or even a roof box!
As a Thule Dealer we can assist with adding a Thule Wingbar system together with either Thule FreeRide or ProRide Cycle carriers, so you have the complete Camping Trailer. The main photo shows a set of Thule Wingbars fitted with 2xThule ProRide cycle carriers.
Specification -

Load Bed Length - 201 cm?•
Load Bed Width - 101 cm?•
Internal Height - 48 cm?•
Gross Capacity - 750 kg?•
Load Capacity - 594 kg?•
Jockey Wheel - Yes?•
Sides - Aluminium?•
Total Length - 299 cm?•
Total Width - 143 cm?•
Total Height - 109 cm?•
Wheel Size - 145/R13

Additional Information

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Business Advert
Length (excluding coupling and drawbar)
2.99 m
1.43 m
1.09 m
Maximum Gross Weight
750 kg
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