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Adorable Brian...Available to all breeds. Gorgeous KC reg, Chocolate and White Mini Poodle. He is extensively DNA tested plus Heart Tested and Luxating Patella Tested. We have gone the extra mile with all Brian's health testing, as you can see below. ( Ex Vet Nurse)
Brian is double ID tattooed and also permanently forensically marked, police traceable and registered on both National databases, as well as microchipped and database registered.
We have just resumed accepting studs under strict secure and safe social distancing guidelines. Please enquire for details.
Brian, Extra laid back, a happy, soft and gentle, super cool teddy bear, who loves everyone. He is a much loved member of our family, and loves a bear hug.
Brian produces the most gorgeous, good sized litters of puppies with wonderful coats, and colours.
He is a glorious lush rich chocolate, with a white chest and paws with profuse curls.
Both his parents are chocolate, giving him strong chocolate genes. He also produces Red and Apricot, as well as Parti colour, depending on what colour girl he is mated to.
He is a chunky Miniature, ideal for bitches, from Cocker Spaniel size up to Labradors. Fully vaccinated up to date.
He has been genetically DNA
tested clear for the following diseases,
1) prcd PRA.
2) Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures,
3) Familial Nephropathy
4) Von Willebrands Disease Type 1.
Brian also holds a clear certificate for Luxating patella, after testing by an orthopaedic vet specialist, and also a heart test certificate.
Knowledgable, patient handlers, controlled mating takes place in a secure, clean calm environment.
Maiden bitches and first time breeders welcome. Advice on breeding freely given. ( ex vet nurse)
All paperwork given after first mating, copies of KC reg, All four DNA tests, Luxating patella certificate heart test and pedigree.
Brian is a treasured family member, and shares our home, sofas and fireside, and is always with us.
We will only mate bitches who are healthy, with good temperaments. Bitches who show signs of neglect or disease will not be mated. We never do forced matings, we only mate bitches who are ready to mate! Brian is trained to only mate on command.
In the unlikely event of your girl not conceiving as a gesture of goodwill we will do one free mating on her next season, on production of a printed negative pregnancy scan result, before her due date. No exceptions!
Genuine enquiries welcome, weekends no problem.
Near Market Drayton, 15 miles from Jun 15, M6, Stoke on Trent, and 10 miles from Jun 3, M54, Wolverhampton.

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Miniature Poodle
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Current Age
6 years
Kennel Club Registered
Yes - Breed Register
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Fully vaccinated
Heath Screening Checks
Extensive DNA and other Health Tests.