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Cuddly tame hand reared cockatiels
We have these unbelievably tame cockatiels all looking for 5 star homes. Bred in a family environment used to adults, kids and other pets.
We stock a full range of suitable setup as well as a huge choice of cages, toys, foods, suppliments, treats etc
Discounts available when purchasing one of our full kits and a hand reared cockatiel
Proof of setup will be needed if you already have a cage.
£225each. A discount of between £10-20 will be applied when purchasing one of our complete setups
Call first during covid so we can explain our animal sales and how we are operating
Our address is
Urban exotics
1-5 urban rd
Kirkby in Ashfield
We are open 7 days per week
Monday - Saturday 9.30-5.30
Sunday 10-4
Open all bank holidays
Our website and stocklist can be found by searching urban exotics on google
We are also on Facebook and Instagram where we are always adding different videos and photos of our animals and products
PLEASE NOTE - If you are travelling far for a specific animal then call beforehand as stock can change daily to make sure we still have them available
When purchasing animals from us we will require photo proof of animals enclosure if you already have one to make sure it’s all suitable for your chosen animal. The more photos the better. No proof then no sale. If you need a setup then come Instore and have a chat with us
We stock a huge range of snakes, lizards, amphibians, tortoises, turtles and inverts plus all housing, beddings, decor, frozen & livefoods etc. You won’t find many shops with the amount of natural decor and live plants we carry plus every size of glass exo terra tanks in stock and unbelievably low shop prices. We have a large range of wooden vivariums and also have complete setups for lizards, tortoises, snakes etc . With 4 experienced reptile staff there is always someone in who can help whether that’s help with setting up for the first time, starting up a beautiful bioactive vivarium or just general advice. we are here to help. It’s worth mentioning we have at least 3-4 deliveries of fresh livefood per week.
Our fish department boasts around 200 aquariums filled with tropical community, oddballs, catfish, Malawi, discus etc plus lots of shrimp, temperate and cold water fancies. We have a room full of natural woods and rocks as well as live and artificial plants, frozen and dried foods, aquariums by top manufacturers including juwel, fluval, marina etc. We have a 25ft bay of gravels, sands and artificial ornaments plus all the usual products like filters, air pumps, heaters and such like
Our small furry/exotics department is 90% full of animals bred in store by our extremely experienced staff member and owner who has kept and bred these for the best part of 20 years. Our super friendly rats and mice, skinny pigs, duprasi, degus and African Pygmy hedgehogs are just some of the animals people travel all over the country for. Alongside a huge choice of foods, beddings, treats, natural toys and chews, you’ll find everything you need for them under one roof.
Our bird and parrot room albeit one of the loudest rooms in the store is also one of the most visited rooms. You’ll always find a huge range of birds including parrots, parakeets plus a range of aviary birds like finches, canaries etc. We always keep a big choice of cages suitable for finches to macaws and everything in between. We have a big bird toy wall with 100s of toys and perches, plus various plastics for your aviaries. We stock top brands of food including kaytee, tidymix, johnston & Jeff, tropican, nutriberries just gonna me think a few plus various uv options, java trees etc. When you’ve seen our range
We also have an area with dog accessories including dried and raw foods, loose and bagged treats as well as huge choice of collars, leads, harnesses. We also have flea and wormers as well as various shampoos and treatments. Dog beds and crates are always available
I’m Sure you’ll be back again.

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Business Advert
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
5 months