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Reggie, Male, Rottweiler - North Wales

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3 year old Reggie the Rottie. This boy has been with Skylors Animal Rescue in North Wales for months being worked on for his fearfulness and distrust.
This is what the behaviourist report after her visits wih him.
"Reggie is a very lovely lad bless him who needs an experienced home with time, patience, no expectations and just willing to go at his pace. His needs to start off with somewhere quiet, not lots of visitors or busy activities, no other dogs, no children. Only be handled with a slip lead initially due to fears of having a harness, although he is getting there with a lead onto his collar, everything to be done slowly and carefully, giving him time and space to adjust, realise he is safe. He needs a couple of options of dog beds in different places, not to have anything asked of him at all - VERY important, so has choices to come to you if he wants to as an example, no walks for quite a few weeks, so sniffy things, some downtime etc. in the garden. He needs to know he can come to you when he is ready, be touched all over when he is able to cope, and then walks in very quiet areas, perhaps rent a field to start with because everything is going to feel overwhelming and panicking to start with. To feel safe, able to rest, eat 3 meals a day and have chews, bones etc. is all he needs and could cope with at the beginning. It is important to remember that any behaviour is communication, so listening to him yawning, or lip licking etc. is important. If he ever grumbled then you change what you are doing in response and never tell him off because ultimately he is telling you he is scared and fear always needs to be understood and listened to. ... Advert continued on Skylors website as maximum length of advert on Preloved is 2000 characters, and this has been reached so ...

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