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Paddington is the most adorable well proven KC registered deep red tiny Toy Poodle producing stunning puppies with with wonderful coats and outstanding temperaments.
Paddington stands at 10” at his shoulder, his weight is around 3kg.
He is loving family pet with joyful character who loves every one. He is very intelligent and has wonderful, playful nature which of course is all passed onto his puppies.
His DNA health testing, superb nature size and stunning appearance make him ideal sire for poodles and poodle mix litters.
He is experienced very gentle during mating which is ideal for the girl being bred for the first time. He has sired Poodles and wide range of mix litters to data including Maltipoo, Pomapoo, Cavapoo, Cockapoo, Cavapoochon, Lhasapoo, Jackapoo, Yorkipoo, Chipoo and more.
During mating you girl will be in loving and experienced hands at all times as well as during Insemination if needed to be done.
Paddington has impressive set of 6 DNA tests.
DNA test for Progressive Retinal Astrophy (prcd-PRA) CLEAR
DNA for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) CLEAR test for Von Willebrands Disease Type 1 (vWD1) CLEAR
DNA for Gangliosidosis
DNA for Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( Rod-cone dysplasia 4) CLEAR
DNA for Neonatal encephalopathy with seizure CLEAR
Paddington will be happy to meet your girl for to matings 48 hours apart. His stud fee is payable on first visit after successful mating or Insemination, when you will be given copies of his KC Pedigree, all DNA health certificates and photos of him to show your new puppies owners. I am also happy to offer ongoing support especially if this is your first litter.
He is happy to meet girl of any breed as we can do the Insemination if there is a size matter.
Paddington’s fee is £300 for cross breeding only
The fee for Poodle Toy poodle girl will be £400
If you would like to have a 3rd matings then there will be another £50.
We are available often for last minute matings as well as planing well in advance.
If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please text or call me, alternatively send a message, email.
The telephone number is on the ad.
I can come to you for petrol money if not to far.

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Toy Poodle
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Current Age
4 years
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Yes - Breed Register
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Heath Screening Checks
8 DNA Health Tests