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Lissachatina Fulica (various colours) - hatched 7/12/20

Hi, as you'll see from the adverts on here, you can pick babies up for a couple of pounds from all over the place but 90% of them will be runts and potentially either die in transit or shortly after. They should be culled at regular intervals and not sold until they are a healthy size. Unfortunately profit beats healthy animals sometimes. However, I can guarantee that my babies don't have any of the problems that come along with bad genetics - poor shells, the body growing too big for the shell and becoming crushed or not growing at all, oral/genital prolapse, and mantle collapse to name just a few. I raise them until 3/4 months old and cull any that aren't 100%. I'm currently asking for £15 each to cover my costs, each baby/babies come with a sample of snail mix and cuttlefish or lump chalk (used the same way as cuttlefish). I've put a lot of research into what makes healthy and poorly snails, what contributes to them being runts, how to produce the healthiest babies etc so my prices are a little more than elsewhere. These are ready to leave in March/April time. Please feel free to ask any questions :)

Postage is £10 for next day delivery, or free with 3 or more snails.

You can also read my reviews and ask questions on my Facebook page - Tee's Snail Group

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Private Advert
Lissachatina Fulica
Current Age
5 weeks