Preview of the first image of MESA BOOGIE NOMAD 45 2 x 12 COMBO, ALL VALVE, ORIGINAL COVER.

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Excellent condition but its a 'spare'. It is virtually unused and is in great shape. The valves are fairly recent Mesa and the speakers are made in the UK Celestion Vintage 30's - Mesa insist on them being made in the UK rather than China for consistency and performance. This is one loud amp, and versatile too, with 3 channels to play with and a couple of 'modes' on each one, with an additional overall 'mode' switch on the back of the amp labelled "normal/extreme" which gives what Mesa describes as a British sound, so the Marshall JTM45...........

Thank you Mesa for the eloquent prose on your website, which says this:

Take your playing over the next horizon. Navigate the landscapes of tone with six classic modes housed in three footswitching channels. Visualize a great guitar sound from any era …and it’s yours.

Yet with the Nomad, you’ll never get lost. The front panel is simple and straight-forward with a no-compromise control layout that repeats three times. Pre-amp voicings are powerful, yet nuanced and richly complex. The opposite of edgy, Channel One features a gorgeous, well-balanced Clean sound that blooms at a less frantic, unhurried pace. Or, gain can be kicked up by switching to Pushed for a grittier breakup, hovering on the verge of clean.

Channel Two is huge, with a wide, round envelope. Notes seem to expand in the air, filling space with a glowing richness. Smoky and purring, this sound is dripping with tone to reward the player who builds his style on finesse. The gain structure spreads from almost-clean to silky, liquid sustain. The Vintage/Modern switch doesn’t radically alter the Nomad’s gain, rather it brings the sound more forward or lets it lay back, like an old sepia-tone photograph.

Channel Three is punchier, brighter and faster.....

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Mesa Boogie
Nomad 45 2x12 Combo