Preview of the first image of HERITAGE H535 - TRANSLUSCENT BLACK - ORIGINAL CASE - MADE IN.

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Excellent condition for a 20+ year old. I've gigged it lots and although I am careful with my amps and guitars inevitably they suffer wear and tear. The reason I've played it lots is that it's great - but I'm not! My trigger finger has been joined by a trigger thumb and that combined with Covid is putting an end to my gigging days. The factory spec is Seymour Duncan 59's and Tonepros hardware - along with a tuner swap to locking Grover Rotomatics - and it sings. The other deviation from factory spec is the addition of oil-filled military grade capacitors. The guitar has never had a scratch-plate fitted so is un-drilled and in trans black so is probably a custom factory order.
I bought the guitar in 2009 during a small/short tour in the USA (Tri-State area of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio). I was using a Heritage H150 and was incredibly impressed. On arriving early in Buffalo NY for our midnight gig we decided that a trip to see Niagara Falls would be in order. On the way I spotted Guitar Center and insisted we stop for a look and spotted this on the wall - it looked great and I bought it. At the time I didn't see any evidence of damage repaired or otherwise. Eleven years on and the refinishing to the headstock has shown some sinking which I've tried to picture. So, it looks as though the headstock was cracked or broken, but the repair is at least 11 years old, and to say that it is stable is an understatement. After the tour in 2009 I brought it home - I left the couple of other guitars I'd had to be sold on - and thanks to the laziness of Customs at the airport simply walked in with the case - there was nobody there to declare it to at 07:30. Since that date in September 2009 it had been my 'go to' (along with my Yamaha SG1820A) for virtually all gigs done since.

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