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Royal Pythons:
CB Male Normal £65
CB Male Spider £125
CB21 Female Bamboo Spider £400
CB21 Male Gravel £200
CB21 Female Butter PHt Orange Ghost £150
CB21 Male Banana Butterbee £500

Other Pythons:
CBB20 Carpet Python Male 100% het snow £120
CBB20 Carpet Python Female 100% het snow £120
CBB20 Male Pure Coastal Tiger Carpet Python £150

Corn Snakes:
2x CB Female Normal £95
CB Female Normal £50 (Severely Obese)
CB Female Amel £125
CBB21 Male Hypo £89
3x CBB21 Male Normal Ht Strawberry Snow £79 ea
CBB21 Male Ht Snow £79
2x CBB21 Male Annery Ht Strawberry Snow £89 ea
2x CBB21 Female Reverse Okeetee £129
CB21 Male Strawberry Snow £129
CBB21 Male Snow Ht Annery £129
2x CB21 Male Amel £89
CB21 Female Amel £89
CB21 Male Anery Tessera £129

CB Male Common Boa £100
CB Female Common Boa £125
CB17 Male Columbian Rainbow Boa £159
CBB21 Female Ht Albino Common Boa £110
CBB21 Male Ht Albino Common Boa £110
CB21 Male Kahl Albino 50% PHt Anery, Stripe £249

Other Snakes:
LTC Male Sunbeam £150
CB Female Hypo Cali-King £180
CB Thai Beauty Snake Pair
£200 the pair or £200 for the male and £50 for the female (Female is a biter)
CB 5-7 years Proven Male and Female Pair of Northern Pine Snakes £350 for the pair
CB20 Egg Eating Snake (D.gansi) Female £149 (Requires Finch eggs)
CBB21 Male Anaconda Hognose £210
1x CBB21 Male Anaconda Het Albino Hognose £230 each
CB21 Male Superconda Hognose £400
CB21 Male Normal Ht Albino Hognose £175
CB21 Female Normal Hognose £150
2x CBB21 Male Albino Chequered Garter Snake £90
CB21 Male Striped Cali-King £175
CB21 Female Northern Pine £150
CB21 Male Northern Pine £150

Bearded Dragons:
CBB21 Baby Unsexed Sandfire x Red Ht Trans PHt Hypo £99
1x CBB21 Unsexed Sandfire Translucent £159 ea
1x CBB21 Unsexed Sandfire Translucent (Tail nip) £139
1x CBB21 Unsexed Hypo Sandfire Translucent £189
6x CBB21 Unsexed Sandfire X (Nips) £79
1x CBB21 Red Trans Hypo £299
1x CBB21 Red Trans Ht Hypo £279
1x CBB21 Red Hypo Ht Trans £249

Other Lizards:
2x CB20 Male Rankins Dragons £199 ea

Crested Geckos:
1x CBB21 Unsexed Dark Based Harlequin £85
CBB21 Unsexed Dark Based Extreme Harlequin £90
CBB21 Unsexed Yellow Based Brindle/Tiger With Dal Spots £125
CBB21 Unsexed Blonde Harlequin £95
CBB21 Unsexed Halloween Harlequin £90
CBB24.9.21 (L3.6.21) Poss Female Tricolour Drippy Lilly White £500
CBB21 Unsexed Tricolour Harlequin £

Gargoyle Geckos:
CB Male Red and Orange Stripe (Regrown tail) £95 (BHI002130)
CBB21 Unsexed Red and Orange Stripe £275 (BHI002128)
CBB21 Unsexed Orange Blotched (Dropped Tail) £85 (BHI002129)
CBB5.9.21 Unsexed Reticulated £125 (CU092117)
CBB25.11.21 Unsexed Orange Stripe £175 (BU112122)

Leopard Geckos:
CB Hypo Male £89
CB21 Male Albino Eclipse Snake Eyes £140
2x CB21 Female Super Hypo Eclipse Snake Eyes £120
CB21 Unsexed Eclipse Snake Eyes £105
CB21 Unsexed Hypo Tangerine £120
3x CB21 Unsexed High Yellow Lavender £70 ea
2x CB21 Unsexed Designer Reverse Stripe Ht Eclipse £99 ea
CB21 Unsexed Jungle Ht Eclipse £99
3x CB21 Tremper Albino £79
3x CB21 Female Mac Snow £85
2x CB21 Male Murphy's Patternless Ht Albino £80
CB21 Female Normal £60
CB21 Male Super Hypo Carrot Tail Baldy £85
CB21 Female Jungle Mac Snow £95
CB21 Female Tangerine Jungle Ht Eclipse (Regen Tail) £120
CB21 Female Tangerine Jungle Ht Eclipse £129
CB21 Male Hypo Green and Tangerine x Firebold £150

Other Geckos:
2x CB21 Tokay Gecko £99 ea
CB21 PHt Blue Headed Green Tokay Gecko £129
5x WC Male Tokay Geckos NOW £25 ea or free when purchased alongside a setup
CBB21 Unsexed High Pink Pure Nu Ana Leachie (L-28.7.21 H-9.12.21) £850
CBB20 Female Mt Khogis (Froger x Friedel) Leachi £
CB21 Unsexed Whiteout Oreo Patty (White Foot) £780
CB21 Unsexed Patty Stripe African Fat Tail £220
CB21 Unsexed Ghost African Fat Tail £275
CBB26.08.21 Unsexed Mainland Mossy Gecko £240
CBB24.06.21 Poss Male Pine Island Mossy Gecko £300
CB20 Male Northern Spiny Tailed Gecko (S.ciliaris) £250

3x CBB21 Baby Normal/Low Pied Male Yemen Chameleons £105 ea
CBB21 Baby Medium Pied Male Yemen Chameleons £140
2x CBB21 Baby Female Yemen Chameleons £50 ea
CB21 Male Nosy Faly Panther Chameleon £325

9x CB20 Horsfield Tortoises £159 ea
2x 4-5yr Male Horsfield £149 ea
10-11yr Female Horsfield £249
CB19 Herman’s £249 or £199 when purchased alongside a setup
2x CB18 Herman’s £249 or £199 when purchased alongside a setup

9x CB21 Baby Razorback Musks £69 ea
1x Adult Razorback Musk £69

*Pacman Frogs*
CB SA Male Lime £40
2xCBB21 Unsexed Coffee £69
2x CBB21 Unsexed Apricot Albino £66.99 each
CBB21 Unsexed Albino £45
*Dart Frogs*
2x CBB21 Unsexed Azureus Darts (D.tinctorius azureus) £75ea
6x CB21 Unsexed El Cope Auratus Darts (D.auratus) £75ea or £210 for 3
3x CB21 Unsexed Bumblebee Darts (D.leucomelas) £75 ea or £210 for 3
*Other Frogs and Toads*
4x CB21 Baby White’s Tree Frogs £35 ea
2x CB21 Amazon Milk Frogs £30
*Salamanders and Newts*
CB21 Gold Axolotl £35 ea
CB21 Wild Type Axolotl £25 ea
CB21 Leucistic Axolotl £45 ea
2x CB21 Unsexed Baby Bernardez Fire Salamander £85 ea
3x CB20 Tiger Salamanders £120 ea

Exotic Mammals:
Born October Male Salt and Pepper African Pygmy Hedgehog £259
Born October Male Cinnicot African Pygmy Hedgehog £259

Chocolate Millipedes £6.99 each
Train Millipedes £19.99 each
Satin Millipedes £19.99 ea
Fire Millipedes £19.99 ea

CB BudWing Mantis £26
1x CB Egyptian Pygmy Mantis £26
CB Dysaules Mantis £24

2x Asian Forest Scorpion (H.longimanus) £25 ea
Blue Asian Forest Scorpion (H.cyaneus) £25
2x Asian Forest Scorpion £25 ea

Dwarf Pink Leg pair (K.brunnipes) £85 the pair
Desert Blonde (A.chalcodes) £80
*Grown on*
Male Common Pink Toe (A.avicularia) £59 or £80 with setup
Male Mexican Red Knee (B.hamorii) £80
5x Red Rumps (T.vagans) £20 ea
2x Curly Hair (T.albopilosum) £10 ea
Mexican Red Knee (B.hamorii) £40
Mexican Red Knee (B.hamorii) £55
2x Salmon Pink BirdEater (L.parahybana) £40 ea
2x Brazilian White Knee (A.geniculata) £35 ea
Brazilian Red (N.carapoensis) £40

Available for delivery or collection, with full setup kits, décor and equipment also available. For more information please message us :)
AAL License Maximum 5 Star Rating Number 20/00985/ANIMAL

Preloved Safety Advice: If you're considering replying to this advert, you MUST read our Pet Buying Checklist. Never send money for an animal without first seeing it in its own home and, if a deposit is required, please choose a method of money transfer that offers you protection, such as Trustap, PayPal or Credit Card.

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