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Bird and parrot stock list 09/06/22

New birds that aren’t ready to leave yet/arriving soon are marked with a *

Please note only birds that say tame are birds that are handled.

Tame/Hand reared birds

2021 double yellow headed Amazon £2500
!!!RARE!!! (Only 1 left)
2021 hand reared African grey £2300**
2020 Hand Reared African grey £2500
2021 hand reared Senegal parrots £995
2021 hand reared yellow thighed caiques £1500
2022 hand reared yellow sided green cheek conures £500
2022 hand reared buttercup kakariki’s £180
2022 hand reared cinnamon green kakariki’s £180
2022 hand reared grey cockatiels £225
2022 hand reared coloured cockatiels £250
2021 hand reared Lutino peach faced lovebirds £125
2021 hand reared coloured peach faced lovebirds £125
2022 Baby tame budgies £70

Parrots and parakeets

Adult male alexandrine/Adult female green ringneck (paired) £500
2021 pair Quaker parrots (green male/turquoise female) £400
Adult male derbyan parrot (Brian) £395
Male Pallid Turquoise ringneck £350
Adult green male ringneck £200
Black capped Conure £200
Green aviary budgies £30
Coloured aviary budgies £35
Exhibition green budgies £35
Exhibition coloured budgies £40
Grey cockatiels £90
Coloured cockatiels £95
Blue parrotlets £95
Blue pied parrotlets £95
Grey parrotlets £95
Red rumped parakeets £75 each
-Australian blues
-dilute blues
Green lineolated parakeet £90
Blue lineolated parakeet £100
Rosy bourkes £80
Bourkes £70
Peach faced lovebirds £130 per pair

Other birds

Gouldian finch males £65ea
Bengalese finch £15ea/£24pp
Yellow bishop £45ea/£80pp
Red cut throated finch £60ea/£110pp
Yellow cut throated finch £60ea/£110pp
Yellow headed star finch £60ea/£110pp
Diamond fire tails £75ea/£140pp
Spice finch £45ea/£80pp
Owl finch £65ea/120pp
Cherry finch £60ea/£110pp
Parsons finch £50ea/£90pp
Heck’s grass finch £50ea/£90pp

Red agate mosaic canaries £65
Variegated fife canaries £40**
Green fife canaries £35**
Blue fife canaries £35**
Java sparrow £25ea/£40pp
Diamond doves £25ea/£40pp

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