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Pseudophasma subapterum Stick Insect

Adult Males and Female available.

£5 for a pair, one male and one female.

Postage is £5 for Royal Mail First Class.

Collection is also available for free.

Typical stick insects with colourful small wings,
basic colour is dark brown with a white dot on the lateral side of each abdominal segment
the wing are very beautifully coloured – the fore wings are meshed yellow-black and the hind wings are meshed red-black, feelers are longer than the fore legs.

This species will usually eat: Privet, Lonicera, Plantago and Aucuba Japonica.

Cage Requirements
Cage should be at least 17 cm tall, I keep mine in a 45cm cube Exo Terra with a glass and mesh lid.

They are fine at Room temperature and this species likes to drink so daily misting is recommended. They appreciate bark standing up against the cage wall as they like to hide behind it. Young nymphs in particular congregate close together behind the bark. They tend to make a run for it during cage cleaning and can move fast so keep an eye out for escapees.

Ova Incubation.
I incubate the ova in a pot with a 1cm base layer of activated charcoal granules, then a layer of moss, then some coir with 3 layers of fine mesh of top to stop the ova getting wet and I top up the water halfway up the charcoal layer. This keeps up the humidity but keeps the ova dry. I keep mine at room temperature and they hatch within 3-4 months on average, but I've had some hatch upto 6 months later.

Months to Maturity - Males 3 months, females 3.5 months and start laying 3-4 weeks after.

Pseudophasma subapterum can spray a Chemical defence spray, but mine never have.

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