Preview of the first image of 3 blue orfe Orfe are an active shoaling species that require.

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10” blue orfe x 3 Orfe are an active shoaling species that require a very spacious pond with a good amount of open swimming space. They should be kept in groups of 5 or more due to their sociable nature.

Originating from large fast-flowing rivers, Orfe require highly oxygenated waters at all times, preferably with a decent current provided by power filtration. These high levels of oxygenation are of utmost importance during spells of warmer weather when oxygen levels within the water will become quite depleted.

Orfe are sensitive to medications containing copper, so be sure to check with the treatment manufacturer before adding medications to the pond.

These fish will also predate on insects and fry, which some fish keepers find useful for keeping goldfish populations in check. Will also feed on Pond flakes, pond pellets, pond sticks, live/frozen foods and insects.

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