Preview of the first image of Axolotls, different types and colours available.

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Experienced keeper (20yrs+). I have different colour types of axolotls, from £10. They are 2-month old juveniles no longer requiring live food so very easy to care for. Mature axolotls from £20. Best kept on their own (ie not with fish, cold or tropical). They are social creatures so 2 or 3 get along fine in a suitable tank size. If purchasing more than 1 I can ensure same sex (adults only, both male and female available) so no unwanted egg-laying. No heating required, best kept in cool part of the house rather than a warm living room, low or no lighting and minimal filtration/water movement so very inexpensive to keep. Collection from EH16 6NL (please bring suitable bag or plastic container with tight fitting lid 2Lrs+, water supplied is enough to get you started)

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Ambystoma mexicanum
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