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With original packaging and booklet.
Running number: 3673

One-time edition from 1996.
This locomotive has hardly ever been used on the track layout, please see the pick-up shoe and (gear) wheels
With a Delta decoder for use in both analogue and digital modes.

Runs very neatly.
No breakage or paint damage
This locomotive is in mint condition.
The enclosed sticker sheet is still unused.

Please see the photos for an accurate impression of this lot.
The presentation rail is not part of this offer

Bavarian S3/6 steam locomotive.
The Bavarian S 3/6 is a 4-cylinder steam locomotive built by the firm of Maffei for the Königlich Bayerische Staatseisenbahnen (K.Bay.Sts.B.) and later also for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. These locomotives were used for the express train services. With the Deutsche Reichsbahn this locomotive was classified as the Series BR 18.4-5. These locomotives with their axle configuration 2'C1' (also called ‘Pacific)’ were built during a period of 25 years with various sub-series. A total of 159 of these locomotives were built.

Development and deployment:
The Bavarian Series S 3/6 was developed by the engineers Anton Hammel and Heinrich Leppl of the company Maffei, and was a development based upon the Badische IV F. The S 3/6 was designed with a four cylinder combi-motor with propulsion to the second coupled axle. A total of 159 units were built and delivered, of which 89 units (Series A up to and including I) were purchased by the Bavarian State Railways (K. Bay.Sts.B.) and 70 units (Series K up to and including O) by the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG).

Subsequent to the S 3/6, Maffei built additional Pacific locomotives for other railway companies, such as the CFR-construction Series 231 for Romania, of which 90 units were built between 1913-1923 as well as four wide-gauge Pacific’s (numbers 877-880) that were built for the Spanish Compañía de los Ferrocarriles de Madrid during 1913. The lessons learned from the S 3/6 were taken into consideration with the construction of the Badische Series IV H, which was the last "Pacific" locomotive built by Maffei.

S 3/6 Series A up to and incl. C.
The Bayerische S 3/6 Series A up to and including C were built in the period 1908-1923 and had driving wheels with a diameter of 1,870 mm. A total of 23 units of this series were built, equipped with a coal tender of the type: Bay 2'2' T 26.2.

S 3/6 series D up to and including E
In 1912, 18 units of the D and E series were built with driving wheels with a diameter of 2,000 mm. This allowed the locomotives to run for a longer period of time at their top speed of 120 km/h without unnecessarily taxing the four-cylinder combination engine. This series was therefore specifically intended for the express trains on the relatively flat and long routes between Munich-Augsburg-Nuremberg, Munich-Würzburg and München-Regensburg. Differing from the other locomotives, the D and E series had both high and low pressure cylinders with the same piston stroke. The locomotives were equipped with a larger tender of the type: Bay 2'2 T 32.5.

S 3/6 series F.
Of the series F only 3 units were built in 1913. The locomotives were hardly distinguishable from the Series A up to and including C.

S 3/6 series G
In 1914, 10 units of the series G were developed and built for the trajectories in the Pfalz. These locomotives were 150 mm. shorter so that they could fit onto the 19 meter long turntables as used in the Pfalz. This series of locomotives was allocated the running numbers 18 425 up to and including 18 434 with the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

S 3/6 Series H up to and including I.
During the 1st World War (the period from 1914 to 1918), 35 Units of the Series H to I were built. These were the last of the S 3/6 locomotives purchased by the Bayerische Staatsbahn (K.Bay.Sts.E.).

At the end of the 1st World War, France and Belgium received 19 units of the Bayerische S 3/6 as reparation payments. The other S 3/6 locomotives were deployed with the Deutsche Reichsbahn and were given the running numbers 18 401 up to and including 434, 18 441 up to and including 458 and 18 461 up to and including 478 in 1926.

S 3/6 series K.
In 1923 and 1924, Maffei delivered a total of 30 units of the Series K. These were delivered with the Bavarian locomotive numbers 3680 up to and including 3709 and were only given the running numbers 18 479 up to and including 18 508 in 1926. They differed from the previous Series, mainly due to a slightly larger pre-heater and visually by means of a cab without windshields. The side walls, as well as the cab windows were angled.

S 3/6 series I up to and including O.
In 1927, 12 units of the series l with the running numbers: 18 509 up to and including 18 520 were delivered . In 1927/28 the Series M with 8 units followed with the running numbers 18 521 up to and including 18 528. Compared to the Series K, the pre-heater was enlarged again; in addition, the diameter of the high pressure cylinder was increased from 425 mm to 440 mm. Several locomotives of the Series M were delivered to the Bw Wiesbaden to haul high-quality trains. Of the 20 planned locomotives of the Series N, the company Maffei could only supply two units (the 18 529 and the 18 530) before they went bankrupt. Henschel took over the contract and delivered the remaining 18 locomotives in 1930/1931 as a Series O numbered from 18 531 up to and including 18 548. The last 11 locomotives of this Series received a newly developed tender of the type: 2'2 'T 31.7.

In the 1950s, 30 units of the S 3/6 were converted and fitted with new boilers and combustion chambers. In addition, the locomotives were given new cabs. Between 1953 and 1957, these converted locomotives were deployed by the Deutsche Bundesbahn and re-classified as the Series BR 18.6 with the running numbers 18 601 up to and including 18 630. They were deployed with the express-train services and were stationed in Darmstadt, Hof, Regensburg, Nuremberg Central Station, Lindau and Ulm. 43364395

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