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How to handle unwanted gifts

Pass on an unwanted gift to someone new, not to landfill!


Didn't quite get what you were hoping for this Christmas? With limited space in the back of the wardrobe, we can’t keep all of those animal onesies, cheap perfumes and fitness DVDs. There just isn’t the space!

Throwing presents in the bin is definitely not the answer. Your unwanted Christmas present could be someone else’s perfect Preloved present! We’ve got a few hints and tips up our Preloved sleeve to help you on your quest to get rid of those unwanted gifts.


Pass It On To Someone New

Pass It On To Someone You Love

  • Donate gifts to a charity shop

Charities need contributions all year round, and donating unused gifts that can be resold is a great way to help out those in need. You can saunter down to your local charity shop, or even fill up those bags that come to the door – this way you don’t even have to go anywhere!

  • Give it away for free, on your doorstep

If you don't think you'll have time to get down to a charity shop over the busy Christmas period, then why not advertise unwanted gifts on Freeloved and give it away for free to someone in your local community!

  • Re-giving

Just because you don't want a gift someone has given you, doesn't mean it won't be unwanted by everyone! Make some space in a cupboard or invest in an "unwanted present box". No longer will you be stuck for a present at the next kids' birthday party your child is invited to, or be caught out if you forget to buy a gift for your distant relative.

The downsides to this one are that whilst you're giving someone a present that you don't want yourself (one person's gift is another person's treasure you say!), you are running the risk of giving a gift back to the person who gave it to you in the first place...awkward.

red present red present and brown wrapping paper
  • Return items to shops

It's unlikely that you'll be able to return an item to the shop it's from without proof of purchase - kind aunties often slip gift receipts into cards, so don't forget to check in there! Also, to most people's surprise, you're are not always able to return your unwanted gift because you simply don't like it - the item must be broken or faulty for you to legally be allowed to return it. However, around Christmas time, most shops operate a policy which enables you to return unwanted gifts if they're resalable.

  • Swap it with another Preloved Member!

If you are reluctant to shift your gift for cash, then why not swap it for another gift! Advertise your unwanted gift for swap on Preloved, and who knows what you could get your hands on!

  • Unwanted present swap

Take your unwanted presents to work, put them all in a giant Santa sack or Christmas stocking, and pass it round the office. Perhaps somebody will find a present they love out of someone's unwanted gift, whilst simultaneously helping to lift office morale and get rid of those post-Christmas blues? (Follow another step in this guide to get rid of unwanted gifts which you can't flog using this method.)

  • Recycling and upcycling

If all else fails, recycle your unwanted gift rather than letting it go to landfill! Better still, give it a new lease of life and upcycle it into something "brand" new and give something unique...or keep it all for yourself!


Sell It on Preloved!

There is money to be made to fund January sale shopping by selling those unwanted gifts on Preloved!

Selling tips  

1. For Preloved members to find your advert, make sure that you mention "unwanted gift" in your description. 

2. Be as detailed as you can when writing the description for your item. To start you off with the most informative description you will want to include some of the following but not limited to, the use of the item, the condition, the age, the size, colour and brand. 

2. Don't forget to take lots of pictures of the item you are selling! 74% of Preloved adverts have pictures and those adverts are twice as likely to get a response. Find out more about how to create the best pictures for your adverts. 

3. You could potentially offer up your unwanted gift for a gift swap. You are able to get your perfect gift in exchange for your unwanted one! 

4. Have you considered giving your item away for free? Preloved has a whole section called where items are given away for FREE! This section is called Freeloved. 

Upload your unwanted gift today! All you have to do is click 'Sell', upload your item with a picture and create. That's it, you're all done!

Your unwanted gift may be someone's perfect gift!

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