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Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Room at University

2016-08-23 09:00:03By Natalie Reynolds

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Classic Cars: Restoration Project Advice

There are several things you need to consider when looking to invest in a classic car. We have put together some facts and tips to help with your decision.

2016-08-17 00:00:19By Natalie Reynolds

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The Benefits of Companion Planting

As soon as you make the decision to grow your own veg, you will most likely start receiving all sorts of advice from people who have trialled and tested countless techniques. What many people agree on is companion planting. Keep reading for some tips on how to get the most out of your crops.

2016-08-10 00:00:19By Natalie Reynolds

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How to Attract Bees to Your Garden

It is a common misconception that by having “flowers” one will automatically attract the right kind of insects to one’s garden. Different insects require different types of flower to survive. Keep on reading to discover which flowers are suitable to cater to bees.

2016-07-23 17:20:35By Natalie Reynolds

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How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

In recent years experts have seen a decline in numbers of butterflies and moths, so here at Preloved we want to educate our readers on what plants are ideal to help out these fluttery insects.

2016-07-21 17:18:05By Natalie Reynolds

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Hikes for Beginners

Have you ever found yourself wanting to try hiking but never thought you would? Maybe you'll be inspired by these five UK based walk for the beginner.

2016-07-08 14:42:30By Natalie Reynolds

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Deals from VoucherBin

Here at Preloved, we’re committed to saving our users money. That's why we've brought you some great deals from VoucherBin!

2016-07-06 14:31:59By Tina Hidderley

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Smelly Washing Machine: How to Clean It

2016-06-12 11:25:50By Tina Hidderley

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Tent, Caravan or Campervan: How to go Camping

Are you planning a camping trip this summer? Read on to find out whether you're most suited to camping in a tent, caravan or campervan!

2016-06-01 17:26:20By Natalie Reynolds

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Do You Qualify for a Free Boiler Grant?

Many low income homeowners and private tenants in England, Scotland and Wales are still entitled to apply for a free grant to help replace an ageing or broken gas boiler. Find out if you're eligible.

2016-05-27 17:15:24By Boiler Grants