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The Second Hander

  • We're in Search of Pupdates!

    Posted 4 October 2015 by Preloved

    We'd love to hear news about you and your puppy! Read on to find out how to submit them. Read more

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  • Interview With a Business Member | David Elliott

    Posted 2 October 2015 by Preloved

    With such a large Preloved community, there is nothing we enjoy more than learning about some of our members. We caught up with David from Wellhouse Leisure ahead of this year's NEC show to hear about what he's been up to. Read more

  • Akita Dog Breed Guide

    Posted 1 October 2015 by Akita Rescue & Welfare

    Stella from Akita Rescue tells Preloved that Akita's are handsome, loyal and strong-willed dogs. Read on to find out if this breed is for you! Read more

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  • Donkey Care in Winter

    Posted 30 September 2015 by The Flicka Foundation Horse & Donkey Sanctuary

    Judy from the Flicka Foundation writes about how best to care for your donkeys in winter, and includes some general health tips too. Read on to find out more! Read more

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  • Recycling Textiles: a Lifelong Passion

    Posted 29 September 2015 by Julia Saadat

    In the second post of our Write for Us series, Julia tells us how she left her day job in education to pursue her passion for upcycling old silks and linens, and transforming them into beautiful garments. Read more

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  • Vintage and Retro Typewriters

    Posted 25 September 2015 by Adele Gardner

    We have some stunning vintage and quirky retro typewriters advertised on Preloved. Here are some of the Preloved team's top picks! Read more

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  • Keeshond Dog Breed Guide

    Posted 24 September 2015 by North of England Keeshond Club

    The Keeshond is a medium sized dog, and was used as a watch dog on the barges, travelling the Rhine between Germany and Holland. It is a member of the Spitz group of dogs which include Pomeranians, Chow Chows and Alaskan Malamutes. Think this could be the breed for you? Keep reading to learn more! Read more

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  • How To Reduce Waste & Make Money

    Posted 23 September 2015 by Tawanda Chiwanza

    Tawanda channels his inner thrift in the first article of the Write for Us series. He suggests ways in which we can get rid of our unwanted white goods whilst being kind to the environment, helping out charities and making some extra cash on the side. Read more

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  • Designer Bargains: Men's Vintage Clothing on Preloved

    Posted 21 September 2015 by Adele Gardner

    The weather is getting colder and it’s time to start thinking about replenishing that winter wardrobe. The Preloved team have brought you some of the top men's fashion picks from our site to keep you looking stylish on a budget. Read more

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  • Project Up: Upcycling Furniture

    Posted 17 September 2015 by Jon Hutchinson from Project Up

    Project Up is an inspiring business that offers young unemployed people the opportunity to gain new skills in the art of upcycling furniture. Over the last couple of years, the project has grown in success, now with their pieces of furniture gaining worthy recognition. Keep reading to learn learn more! Read more

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