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We want you to tell us about any entertaining stories you have about buying something second hand on Preloved. The more unusual, interesting and quirky the better! [more...]



Check List When Welcoming a Dog Into Your Home

Giving a dog a new home? Bringing a new dog into your family can be a very exciting time, but amidst the anticipation you should make sure you are prepared to welcome him or her into your home. Pet Shop Bowl are here to give you some tips! [more]


Top 5 Famous Cars & Vehicles

With an abundance of famous cars and vehicles from TV shows and Movies to choose from, which will make the Preloved Top 5 in our favourite cult car rundown? Read on to find out! [more]


Member Upcycling Ideas | Furniture with Attitude

We love hearing what our members get up too here at Preloved, not least when it involves giving potential landfill items, new leases of life! Furniture with Attitude is a business set up by creative upcycler Angie. Learn what inspired her to chase her dream. [more]

Buying Advice

Guide to Buying Your First Motorbike

Considering buying your first motorbike? Read our buying advice for some useful hints and tips for buying your first motorbike from Preloved member Matthew Pitts. [more]

Hints and Tips

10 Homemade Rabbit Toys: Inexpensive Rabbit Enrichment Ideas

It's the last day of Rabbit Awareness Week! To celebrate our love for rabbits, we want to let you know why a hutch is not enough. Keep reading to learn why enriching your rabbit's surroundings is important, and to find inexpensive ways you can enrich your rabbit's environment. [more]