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The Second Hander

  • Member Upcycling Ideas | Upcycled Guitar

    Posted 20 December 2014 by Themissingduck

    Upcycling items is a great way of reducing what goes to landfill, whether you sell it on, or keep it for your own amusement. Meet a Preloved member who upcycled an old guitar in what could possibly be the most unique way imaginable! Read more

  • 1 Week Till Christmas! Top 5 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

    Posted 18 December 2014 by Justine Dench

    With time running out to order Christmas presents online and with just one weekend to go before the big day, if you haven't got all your gifts yet, you may be starting to panic a little. Don't fear! Preloved is here to give you some last minute gift ideas... Read more

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  • PUPDATE: Anne and Bella

    Posted 15 December 2014 by Justine Dench

    It's time to meet one the lucky dogs who found their forever home after being advertised on Preloved! Meet Anne and her troubled, but clever and loving Labrador Bella. Read more

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  • Help Save Britain's Hedgehogs | Winter Survival

    Posted 13 December 2014 by British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS)

    With the cooler weather creeping in, Britain's wildlife is busy fattening up for winter, and some will struggle more than others throughout the colder months. We thought we would take this opportunity to provide you with some information about Britain's very own wild hedgehog. Wild hedgehog populations are suffering, and during the winter months there is much we can do to help support their vulnerable population. We caught up with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to learn more! Read more

  • 2 Weeks Till Christmas! | Feed The Birds

    Posted 11 December 2014 by Justine Dench

    It's finally starting to feel a little more like winter, and with the extra chill in the air and morning frost on the ground, the festive season isn't definitely upon us! Before the Christmas plans come rolling in, why not take some time consider the wildlife on your doorstep and them some extra festive cheer! Read more

  • Christmas Recycling Ideas

    Posted 9 December 2014 by Recycle Now

    With the extra food, drinks, gifts and decorations around during the festive period, our waste soon starts to build up more then normal! Recycle Now are here to give you some advice and tips on how best to recycle throughout Christmas. Read more

  • Second Hand Weddings with Preloved

    Posted 7 December 2014 by Sally Lewis

    Weddings can be the biggest (and most expensive) day of your life, but here at Preloved we've got it covered. Buying wedding items second hand can save you thousands on your big day! Read more

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  • 3 Weeks Till Christmas | Christmas Checklist

    Posted 4 December 2014 by Justine Dench

    That's right, there are only three weeks to go until the big day! So, we thought we would get a checklist together for you so you can breeze through the build up to Christmas hassle free. Read more

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  • How Your Credit Score Can Affect Your Mortgage

    Posted 3 December 2014 by Darren Beach

    Applying for a mortgage can be nerve racking at the best of times, but not least when your credit score stops the process in it's tracks. We caught up with Experian Blogger Darren Beach on the importance of your credit score when applying for a mortgage so you can prepare yourself! Read more

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  • Welcome to New Preloved!

    Posted 1 December 2014 by Wing Chan

    We're excited to present the new Preloved brand and a full makeover that will make it easier and faster for you to buy, sell and connect online. Read more

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