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  • Exclusive 20% Off

    Posted 27 June 2016 by TrustedHousitters

    TrustedHousesitters are a trustworthy, experiences and 5 star rated pet sitters. In fact, they’re the world’s most trusted house and pet sitting website! Read on to find out more about them. Read more

  • Past Eras: Acorn Computers

    Posted 26 June 2016 by Adele Gardner

    Commonly remembered as ‘The British Apple’, Acorn Computers dominated the British Computing market in the 1980s. Read on to find out more about this vintage tech company! Read more

  • Independent Booksellers Week

    Posted 23 June 2016 by Natalie Reynolds-Garcia

    This week is Independent Bookseller Week! Read on to find out how the Preloved team are celebrating. Read more

  • Rabbit Awareness Week

    Posted 21 June 2016 by Justine Dench

    This week is Rabbit Awareness week! It’s the largest rabbit welfare campaign across the UK, and aims to promote important messages about the UK’s fourth most popular pets. Read more

  • 18 Things That Happened in 1998

    Posted 19 June 2016 by Natalie Reynolds-Garcia

    Today is Preloved's 18th birthday! To celebrate we've brought you 18 things that were happening in 1998 to take you right back to the year in which Preloved was born... Read more

  • #PrelovedHour - The Top 18!

    Posted 18 June 2016 by Liv Serrage

    It's our Birthday! And we're celebrating with our 18 favourite pieces from our incredible weekly twitter chat - #PrelovedHour. Sundays 7-8pm. Read more

  • 18 of the Best Pubs in the UK

    Posted 16 June 2016 by Adele Gardner

    On Sunday 19th June, Preloved turns 18! To celebrate the occasion we’ve brought you 18 of the best pubs from across the UK. Read more

  • 18 Cheap Party Ideas

    Posted 14 June 2016 by Natalie Reynolds-Garcia

    In light of Preloved’s 18th birthday, we have searched the internet high and low to bring to you 18 of the best cheap, upcycled ideas for a birthday party. Read more

  • Smelly Washing Machine: How to Clean It

    Posted 12 June 2016 by Tina Hidderley

    We enlisted the help of our friends at Which? to get some great tips on how to clean a smelly washing machine. Read more

  • Keep Pets Cool in Summer

    Posted 9 June 2016 by Justine Dench

    It’s not just us humans that are perhaps finding this glorious weather just a little bit too hot, our pets are too! There are certain things we can do though to make a hot summer as easy as possible for our beloved animals to cope with. Read more

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