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Classic Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Posted 30 October 2014 by Graham Eason, Great Escape Cars

The frosty mornings are on their way. It can only mean one thing, it's time to make preparation to ensure your classic motors will see survive to see another winter! Learn more NOW! [more]

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Keeping Pet Rodents Warm in Winter

Posted 29 October 2014 by Marie Channer, Wood Green

Most small pets live indoors, so keeping them warm is not as much as a concern then those that live outdoors. However there are still some steps you can take to make sure they are healthy and happy! [more]

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Keeping Goats in Winter

Posted 27 October 2014 by Marie Channer, Wood Green

This month has been all about preparing your pets for winter! We have shared information on how to care for your horses, chickens and other pets...but goats are a whole different animal all together! Learn more about caring for your goats this winter now... [more]

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Preloved #DIYxmas

Posted 25 October 2014 by Sally Lewis

Here at Preloved, we are firm supporters of all things DIY and homemade. Throughout November, we will be giving you tips and tutorials so that you can create your very own #DIYxmas! [more]

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Caring for Horses in Winter

Posted 24 October 2014 by World Horse Welfare

The wind has picked up, the days have got longer and the temperature has started to drop...time for another animal winter care guide! Learn about what you should be considering when preparing your horse or pony for winter with World Horse Welfare. [more]

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Keeping Rabbits Warm in Winter

Posted 22 October 2014 by Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

Our long eared friends may have furry feet and cosy dewlaps, but even rabbits need a little extra warmth in the winter months. We caught up with the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund to learn more... [more]

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Tortoise Hibernation

Posted 20 October 2014 by Elise Smith, Blue Cross

Are you a happy owner of a tortoise? Or are you looking to rehome one? Make sure you are fully informed about tortoise hibernation as we enter Autumn by reading our guide by the Blue Cross. [more]

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Keeping Chickens Warm in Winter

Posted 18 October 2014 by Marie Channer, Wood Green

Brrr! It's getting colder! Time to start preparing for the colder months, and that includes prepping our pets too, particularly if they live outdoors. Marie from Wood Green gives some advise on how to care for your chickens throughout the winter months. [more]

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How To Care For Your Guinea Pigs in Winter

Posted 16 October 2014 by Marie Channer, Wood Green

Winter is on it's way! Throughout the end of October we will be giving you some winter pet care tips and advice. Firstly, Marie from Wood Green is here to give you some advice on caring for your Guinea pigs this winter. [more]

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Halloween Party Ideas

Posted 15 October 2014 by Justine Dench

The colder months have arrived and the Christmas plans have started to evolve...that can only mean on thing. Halloween is around the corner! Here at Preloved we though we would give you some ideas on to create the Ultimate Halloween party for less! [more]

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