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The Second Hander

  • Join the Editorial Team and Help Revitalise The Preloved Blog!

    Posted 5 September 2015 by

    Are you a fan of the Preloved blog? Would you like to have an article of your own on here someday? We are looking for talented writers and Preloved members with specialist expertise to join us in making the blog an even better place to visit. Keep reading to learn more! Read more

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  • Ferret Care: Basic Dos and Don'ts

    Posted 4 September 2015 by Jessica Clarke

    If you are looking for a pet with bundles of playful character and an inquisitive nature, then the ferret could be your perfect pet. However, if you have small children, cute as they may be, ferrets are probably not the right pet for you. Keep reading to learn more about ferrets, and how to care for them properly. Read more

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  • Mr Mitchell's Back to School Top Tips!

    Posted 2 September 2015 by Liv Serrage

    On Friday we had a delightful back to school chat with Mr Mitchell from Channel 4's Educating Yorkshire. A huge thanks to all those of you that took part! Here are our highlights including some top tips and a little bit about our competition winner - Amy Bunt! Read more

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  • Our new favourite number! Facts about the number 6 million!

    Posted 31 August 2015 by Liv Serrage

    To celebrate hitting an incredible 6 MILLION MEMBERS we've decided to do what any other AWESOME online community would do and celebrate with a homage to our new favourite number! It's 6 million, in case you were wondering... Read more

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  • Relove your Home!

    Posted 29 August 2015 by Liv Serrage

    A huge thank you to those that took part in #RelovedHour with our good pals over at Remade in Britain last Friday! We had a BRILL time! For those that missed it, however, here are our top tips for reloving your home! Get cracking, prelovers! Read more

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  • Restoration Day - Our Top Restorers!

    Posted 25 August 2015 by Liv Serrage

    As part of our Restoration Day we teamed up with AnyVan to find the BEST restorer in the UK. Here are our favourites... Read more

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  • Hamster Care Basics: Dos and Don'ts

    Posted 24 August 2015 by Jessica Clarke

    With their small size, cute appearance and contained housing requirements, hamsters make great first pets! However, just because they are less demanding pets than say a dog, that doesn't mean we should care for their needs any less. Guest writer, and experienced hamster owner Jess lists the basic dos and don'ts when is comes to hamster care! Read more

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  • Time for a Tetley

    Posted 22 August 2015 by Liv Serrage

    To celebrate our FIRST EVER Restoration Day (eekk) the Preloved team are heading down to The Tetley in Leeds this weekend for the Leeds Den Building Festival. Because, of course, what says restoration better than transforming old boxes into an up upcyclers dream? Read more

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  • How to Start Your Journey In Furniture Restoration

    Posted 20 August 2015 by Jen Gale from Make Do and Mendable

    Have our restoration ramblings sparked your interest yet? No? With the UK's first Restoration Day just around the corner, we caught up with Preloved member, friend and frugal living expert Jen Gale, to see she can help you spark up a love for restored vintage furniture! Second hand isn't second best. Read more

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  • Finding a Property to Renovate

    Posted 18 August 2015 by Sam Dale at Property Renovate

    Looking to buy a new property but not quite able to afford your dream home? Sometimes, finding what would have once been your dream home, and restoring it to it's former glory is the only option. However, finding the right property can be a daunting prospect. Do not fear, Property Renovate are here to help you get started in your property renovation journey. Read more

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