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The Second Hander

  • Beat The Blues

    Posted 25 January 2015 by Sally Lewis

    There is something about January that can get you feeling down. Money can be short after the festive period and getting back into the swing of things can sometimes feel pretty tough. That's why we've put together a list of great things you can do for free to get you feeling great again! Read more

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  • Seasonal Recipe: Winter Chicken Recipe

    Posted 23 January 2015 by Amy Lockley

    At Preloved we are counting down the days until summer is here! We have been busy in the kitchen cooking up some delicious meals for you which are easy, simple and will bring a smile to your face. Read more

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  • Healthy Diet For Rabbits

    Posted 21 January 2015 by Amy Lockley

    There are many misconceptions about rabbits and their diet, some of which you probably wouldn't have even thought of before. With this easy diet plan you will be able to ensure that your rabbits will be at their healthiest and happiest! Read more

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  • Wanted Items on Preloved

    Posted 17 January 2015 by Sally Lewis

    Preloved is well known for its buying and selling, but did you know that you can create a wanted advert for all of the items you're looking for? Read more

  • Need to Send a Preloved Parcel? We Have It Covered!

    Posted 15 January 2015 by Wing Chan

    Attention all members! Getting your hands on a Preloved find just got a whole lot easier. We have teamed up with Parcel2Go to make getting a Preloved item to it's new owner simple and stress free. Read more

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  • Caring For An Older Dog

    Posted 13 January 2015 by Justine Dench

    When giving any pet a home, there will come a day when your pet reaches an elderly, more fragile age. That's not to say that all pets become very ill, just that they may require a little more TLC. Read more to learn how to care for your dog when during their senior years. Read more

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  • PUPDATE Cats: Sharon and Bianca

    Posted 10 January 2015 by Justine Dench

    Across Preloved and within many pet rehoming centres across the UK, there are thousands of older animals looking for forever homes. Keep reading to hear Sharon's story about rehoming Bianca, an adult cat with so much love left to give. Read more

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  • Member Upcycling Ideas | Furniture with Attitude

    Posted 8 January 2015 by Angie from Furniture with Attitude

    We love hearing what our members get up too here at Preloved, not least when it involves giving potential landfill items, new leases of life! Furniture with Attitude is a business set up by creative upcycler Angie. Learn what inspired her to chase her dream. Read more

  • Why Do I Need a Will as a Business Owner?

    Posted 6 January 2015 by Law-Match

    With a New Year upon us, there couldn't be a better time for you to chase the career of your dreams! If you are starting your own business, and are feeling a little confused as to why you need a will, don't fear! LawMatch are here to let you why having a will is so important when starting your own business. Read more

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  • Get The Look at Home Using The Preloved Time Machine!

    Posted 3 January 2015 by Sally Lewis

    Ever wanted to travel through time? Well with Preloved, you can! Take a journey through all of your favourite eras in the Preloved Time Machine where you find all sorts of vintage treasures for your home. Read more

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