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We want you to tell us about any entertaining stories you have about buying something second hand on Preloved. The more unusual, interesting and quirky the better! [more...]



PUPDATE: Charlotte and Cody

Bringing a gorgeous puppy into your life may seem like an easy decision - but it shouldn't be. Owning a dog is a big commitment, so make sure you are fully prepared for the worst, like Charlotte had to be when Cody required some specialist attention. [more]


Classic Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

The frosty mornings are on their way. It can only mean one thing, it's time to make preparation to ensure your classic motors will see survive to see another winter! Learn more NOW! [more]


Katcha Bilek | Upcycled Designer Bags

If you are looking for a truly unique fashion accessory that is responsibly sourced, then you should keep reading to find out more about this fantastic upcycling designer brand! [more]


Member Upcycling Ideas | Furniture with Attitude

We love hearing what our members get up too here at Preloved, not least when it involves giving potential landfill items, new leases of life! Furniture with Attitude is a business set up by creative upcycler Angie. Learn what inspired her to chase her dream. [more]

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Preloved is well known for its buying and selling, but did you know that you can create a wanted advert for all of the items you're looking for? [more]

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