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  • Hedgehog Awareness Week

    Posted 2 May 2016 by Adele Gardner

    As part of Hedgehog Awareness Week, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are encouraging everyone to be aware of the dangers that lawnmowers and strimmers pose to hedgehogs. Read more

  • Save the Frogs Day: Frog Friendly Gardens

    Posted 30 April 2016 by Justine Dench

    Today is Save the Frogs Day! In case you haven't heard of it, it's a day in which amphibian conservation organisations and frog-lovers across the world celebrate these interesting creatures. Read more

  • Terrapin Care Sheet

    Posted 28 April 2016 by Hannah Trayford

    Terrapins require specialist care to meet their complex welfare needs. There are many things to consider before committing to caring for a Terrapin, and we suggest that you read this guide before making such a commitment. Read more

  • Appaloosa Horse Breed Guide

    Posted 26 April 2016 by Appaloosa Horse Club UK

    This rare breed of horse has a rich and colourful ancestry. With their striking markings and unique characteristics, they're definitely a breed to find out about! Read more

  • Fourth National Second Hand Day Celebrations

    Posted 24 April 2016 by Liv Serrage

    Our fourth National Second Hand Day is here, and we're celebrating in style! Read on to find out more! Read more

  • Top 10 Upcycling Tips

    Posted 23 April 2016 by Caroline Malcolm

    Upcycler, Caroline Malcolm, shares her top 10 upcycling tips for to celebrate National Second Hand Day. Read more

  • Buying Used Furniture: Advantages of Second Hand

    Posted 22 April 2016 by Jelena Pticek

    In light of National Second Hand Day, our Upcycling Ambassador, Jelena Pticek, tells the Preloved Community what second hand means to her, and explains some of the reasons why second hand isn't second best. Read more

  • Revolutionise Your Upcycle Projects

    Posted 21 April 2016 by Kara Dudley

    Websters Chalk Paint tell the Preloved Community how their high quality paint in a whole range of beautiful colours can complete your upcycling project. Read more

  • Welcome to the team, Reviive!

    Posted 19 April 2016 by Tina Hidderley

    Formed by two charities, Reviive aims to protect the environment, provide training for young people and support local community groups. Read more

  • Second Hand Plants and Outdoor Furniture

    Posted 17 April 2016 by Adele Gardner

    To celebrate National Gardening Week, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best second hand garden-related buys on Preloved for you to get your green fingers on. Read more

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