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  • Dressage: An equine history

    Posted 25 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds

    To the untrained eye, one might concentrate intently on the horse, but it’s only when the rider fist-pumps the air as a sign of victory that you realise they were guiding the horse throughout the ‘performance’. But where did it all start? Read of to find out where this sport came from! Read more

  • How to attract bees to your garden

    Posted 23 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds

    It is a common misconception that by having “flowers” one will automatically attract the right kind of insects to one’s garden. Different insects require different types of flower to survive. Keep on reading to discover which flowers are suitable to cater to bees. Read more

  • How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

    Posted 21 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds

    In recent years experts have seen a decline in numbers of butterflies and moths, so here at Preloved we want to educate our readers on what plants are ideal to help out these fluttery insects. Read more

  • How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

    Posted 20 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds

    It doesn’t matter if your garden is small, rented, paved over or you don’t even have a garden. There is always a way! Here are some ideas to get inspired, we certainly are! Read more

  • Inspiration: Bug Hotel

    Posted 18 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds

    We need insects in our lives in order to maintain the ecosystem and bug hotels have come to be part of the garden aesthetic, so we have put together some DIY hotels you can make yourself! Read more

  • Keeping Snakes and Lizards as Pets

    Posted 16 July 2016 by Animal Protection Agency Foundation

    In light of World Snake Day, the Animal Protection Agency want to talk about the importance of informing oneself before committing to caring for a reptile. Read more

  • Big Butterfly Count 2016

    Posted 15 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds-Garcia

    Launched in 2010, the Big Butterfly Count has rapidly become the wold’s biggest survey of butterflies. Read on to find out more about this year's Big Butterfly Count! Read more

  • 10 DIY Wedding Toppers

    Posted 14 July 2016 by Adele Gardner

    Finding wedding cake toppers that represent you can be tricky if you are looking for ways to not overspend on your big day. We have gathered 10 wedding toppers that look fab and are super easy to source. Read more

  • Reuse and Upcycle for Your Wedding

    Posted 12 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds

    What if you could upcycle your decorations and reuse your props? Keep reading to get ideas on how to upcycle items for your wedding, and what to do with props once the big day has passed! Read more

  • 10 Things to Do with Your Child This Summer

    Posted 10 July 2016 by Natalie Reynolds

    Here are some amazingly creative activities and games with which to play and entertain the little ones this summer. Read more

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