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How to Prepare Your Garden for the Cold Weather

Although autumn is a beautiful time of year, it can be detrimental to your garden if you don’t prepare. To prevent any damage to your wonderful garden, here are some top tips on how to prepare your garden for the cold weather

2018-10-17 15:17:44By Nathan Everett

Buying & selling

How to Sell on Preloved | Top Tips for Selling

We want to make sure that everyone finds a new home for their second-hand stuff, so we put together a quick and easy guide on how to sell on Preloved. Get your items noticed more and sold quicker with these easy tips.

2018-10-17 08:37:08By Holly Fitzgerald

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#MyPrelovedHome Instagram Challenge

This January, we're challenging you to join us in our #MyPrelovedHome Instagram challenge! Think differently about your homes and belongings and spread the word that second-hand & long-lasting pieces are what makes a home a home.

2018-09-27 15:10:55By Holly Fitzgerald

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10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

We all know that student life usually means scrimping on the pennies, so we put together our top 10 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Student Room.

2018-09-07 15:34:12By Holly Fitzgerald

Buying & selling

How to Sell Your Car Online | Our Top Tips

Get the best deal you can for your second-hand motor and get it sold without a hitch with our tips on how to sell your car online.

2018-08-31 08:27:17By Georgia Walker

Hints & Tips

Kids Activities for the Summer Holidays

School's out for summer! The beginning of the summer holidays is the most exciting time of the year for kids, but what happens once the novelty has worn off? We've put together some ideas to keep your kids entertained this summer.

2018-07-27 15:18:14By Adele Gardner

Hints & Tips

Top 10 Picnic Tips | How to Have the Perfect Picnic

July is National Picnic Month and the weather is just perfect for it, so here are our 10 top picnic tips!

2018-07-26 13:50:58By Holly Fitzgerald

Local & Community

Q&A: Author of Rag Doll Lost - Pauline Emsley

Everyone knows that, here at Preloved, we're all big fans of everything upcycled, as is Preloved member Pauline Emsley, author of the book Rag Doll Lost. Pauline's book is perfect for inspiring little ones to think about reusing and recycling so we sat down and had a chat about her and the book!

2018-06-07 10:17:06By Pauline Emsley

Buying & selling

Top Tips For Buying Second Hand Furniture

We know that some can feel nervous about buying second hand furniture for the first time, so we put together our top tips for buying second hand furniture. 

2018-04-17 15:35:36By Holly Fitzgerald


Caring For A Horse On Box Rest

Even though you know it’s for the best, it can still feel like a prison sentence for you both. But, as frustrating as box rest is for you, it’s infinitely worse for your four-legged friend. Keep them safe and entertained during this difficult time.

2018-04-13 11:02:54By Tina Hidderley