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Warrington Pets & Exotics Stock List
Fresh Live foods every Tuesday and Friday £2 a box or 4 boxes for £7
over 250 vivariums stocked with amazing animals over two floors,
free parking right outside the door.
We Deliver to your door weekly just ask...
Stocked Tortoises
CF Baby Horsefield tortoises £49.99 each **See Below for deal**
CF Baby Horsefield tortoises £79.99 each Hardy Species
2017 CB Baby Horsefield tortoises £59.99 each **See Below for deal**
2017 CB Baby Horsefield tortoises £89.99 each Hardy Species
2016 Leopard Tortoises (Stigmochelys pardalis) £119.99 each x 20
2015 CB Hermanns Tortoises 8-9cm (micro chipped & cites) £129.99 each x1
Bigger Female Horsefield tortoises 4-5" £119.99 each
Bigger Male Horsefield tortoises 4-5" £109.99 each
2016 CB Indian Star Tortoises £350.00 each
2015 CB Indian Star Tortoises (Male & Female)£349.99 each
2017 CB Sulcata Tortoises £129.99 each
2016 CB Red Foot Tortoises £119.99 each
UK C.B. 2016 Marginated Tortoises 6-7 cm (micro chipped & cites) £119.99 each
C.B. 2016 Hermann Tortoises 6-7 cm (micro chipped & cites) £119.99 each
C.B. 2012 Hermann Tortoises 12+cm (micro chipped & cites) Females £ALL SOLD
C.B. 2012 Hermann Tortoises 10+cm (micro chipped & cites) Males £119.99 (deal on) was £139.99
C.B. 2016 Spur-thighed Tortoise 6-7 cm (micro chipped & cites) £109.99 each (offer price)
Tortoise offers when bought with full setups
CF Baby Horsefield tortoises £49.99 (when purchased with a £195.00 Full setup)
CB Baby Horsefield tortoises £59.99 (when purchased with a £195.00 Full setup)
2015 CB Indian Star Tortoises £350.00 (£50 off when purchased with a setup)
Tortoise setups from £145!!(Excludes Thermostat)
Tortoise setups £195!!(Includes Thermostat)
Please call for more information/Email/FB page Warrington pets
all care related Products in stock... backed up by professional advice.
Some Tortoise breeds require an Article 10 certificate from CITES in Order to be sold. We have these certificates and will be given along with the sale of the tortoise with a care sheet.
Stocked Turtles
Baby Northern Snake necked turtle (Chelodina siebenrocki) £59.99 each x 1
Baby Musk turtles (Sternotherus odoratus )£29.99 each x 10
Baby River Cooters £19.99 each x20
Snapping Turtle £44.99 each x6
Baby Map Turtles due soon

Stocked Snakes
Royal/ Ball Pythons
CB17 Baby Royal/Ball Pythons
Female Baby Ball Pythons £39.99 each
Male Baby Ball Pythons £34.99 each
0.3 Pewter (cinnamon pastel) £ in this week
1.1 Champagne Het Orange ghost £ in this week
0.1 Pastel Het Orange Ghost £ in this week
0.1 Pinstripe het albino £99.99 each
0.3 Pinstripe £89.99 each
2.0 Pinstripe £79.99 each
1.0 Pastel £79.99 each
1.0 Super Pastel £99.99 each
2.0 Butter pinstripe £109.99 each
0.1 Butter pinstripe £119.99 each
0.1 Lemon Blast (pastel Pinstripe) £119.99 each
3.0Banana Pinstripe £299.99 each
1.0 Banana £199.99 each

Bigger Royal/Ball Pythons
1.0 Normal (2016) £39.99 450g (super tame feeding great)
1.0 Matt Lerrer GHI Ball Python £299.99 718g NOW £249.99
0.1 Lace Black Back £124.99 each 600g
1.0 Banana £199.99 each 920g £274.99 (PROVEN BREEDER)
1.0 Bumble Belly (spider pastel yellow belly) 900g £249.99 (PROVEN BREEDER)
1.0 Cinnamon het Albino 100% Het (PROVEN BREEDER)
0.1 Pastel Het Clown £199.99 each 778g
0.2 Yellowbelly £89.99 716g each NOW £69.99
0.1 Yellowbelly £89.99 800g each (stunning Example)
4.0 Specter (het super stripe)£149.99 each 650g, 524g, 958g 1168g NOW £99.99
0.1 Spider Specter(het super stripe) £224.99 each 850g, NOW £174.99
0.2 Lesser Yellowbelly £199.99 each 500g, 700g NOW £124.99
1.0 Phantom 100% het pied £299.99 each 480g NOW £199.99
0.2 Phantom £124.99 each 468g, 748g, 370g, 844g NOW £99.99
0.1 Enchi £125 each 696g NOW £99.99
0.2 Woma £125.00 each 348g / 970g NOW £99.99
1.0 Woma £99.99 each 727g NOW £79.99
1.0 Phantom £99.99 500g each NOW £79.99
0.1 Normal 1.4 £85.00
1.0 Enchi £99.99 900g NOW £69.99
1.0 Trick 1.2kg £180.00
1.0 Pinstripe 1.2kg £75.00
1.0 Karma Yellowbelly £180.00 (On Deposit)
0.1 Mojave Het desert Ghost (nice example) 1.1kg £125.00
0.1 Jigsaw 2.3kg on hold
1.0 Pastel £
0.1 Het Clown £149.99

? male ? female
1.0 = Male
0.1 = Female
0.0.1 = Unsexed

King Snakes
CB2016 Chocolate California King Snake £79.99 each
CB2015 California King Snake (male) £69.99
CB2016 California King Snake (female) £74.99
CB2015 Florida Kingsnake £
CB2015 Spectacled Kingsnake £
Other Snakes
CB16 Male Albino Hognose £129.99 each ?
CB13 Female Purple Anaconda 465g £349.99 each?
CB17 Baby Florida Rough Green Snake £44.99 each x8

Other Pythons
CB17 Albino Burmese Pythons £149.99 each ?
CB14/15 Adult Male Spotted Pythons £99.99 each?
CB14/15 Adult Female Spotted Pythons £1199.99 each?
CB2014/15 Trio Spotted Pythons 1.2 Available
CB2017 Male Spotted Pythons £99.99 each?
CB17 Female Baby Ball Pythons £39.99 each?
CB17 Male Baby Ball Pythons £34.99 each?

CB2017 Baby Stunning Hypo Boa Constrictors 66% het sharp albino
CB2017 Baby Stunning Boa Constrictors 66% het sharp albino
CB 2017 Pastel Boa Constrictor £79.99 x 2
CB 2017 Boa Constrictor (het albino) £69.99 x 2
CB2017 Baby Common Boa Constrictors £54.99 x2

GTPs & Carpet Pythons
CB2016 Jayapura Green Tree Pythons £450.00
CB2016 Male Pure Bred Bredls Carpet Python £99.99 each x3

Corn Snakes
CB17 Hatchling Carolina Corn Snake £39.99
CB17 Hatchling Amelanistic Corn Snake £49.99
CB17 Hatchling Anerythristic Corn Snake £59.99
CB17 Hatchling Snow Corn Snake £54.99
CB17 Hatchling Pewter Corn Snakes £69.99
CB Hatchling Diffused Corn Snake £59.99
CB17 Hatchling Diffused Caramel Corn Snake £69.99
CB17 Hatchling Hypo Diffused Corn Snake £69.99
CB17 Hatchling Cinder Corn Snake £69.99
CB17 Hatchling Diffused Pied Corn Snake £69.99
CB17 Hatchling Ultramel Pewter Corn Snakes £79.99
CB17 Hatchling Tessera Corn Snake £79.99
CB17 Hatchling Fire Corn Snake £79.99
CB17 Hatchling Granite Pied Corn Snake £79.99
CB16 Carolina Corn snakes £39.99 each ? x 3
CB15 Carolina Corn snakes £39.99 each ? x 1
CB15 Anery Corn snakes £54.99 each ? x 2
CB16 0.1 Amel Corn snake £49.99
Stocked Lizards
CB17 Male Baby Yemen Chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus) £79.99 each ?
CB17 Female Baby Yemen Chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus) £69.99 each ? due this week

CF Baby Roughneck monitor lizard, (Varanus rudicollis) £299.99 each x3
CF Baby Bosc Monitors/Savannah Monitors (Varanus exanthematicus) £39.99 each
CB17 Red Argentine Tegu – Salvator (Tupinambis) merianae £324.99 each x2

Bearded Dragons
CB Baby Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitticeps) £49.99 each
CB Baby High Red Bearded Dragon(Pogona vitticeps) £69.99 x 2
CB Baby Rankins Dragon (Pogona henrylawsoni) £89.99 each x1
CB Baby Citrus Red Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) £79.99 each x1
CB Baby Citrus Red Translucent Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) £99.99 x2

Leopard Geckos
CB2017 Leopard Geckos
Normal’s £29.99 each
Bell Albino £44.99
Enigma £39.99
Super Hypo £44.99
Super Mack Snow £59.99
Tremper Albino £44.99
Blazing Blizzard £49.99
Hypo Bell Albino £44.99
Hypo Mack Snow £59.99
Mack Snow Enigma £49.99
Jungle Mack Snow £59.99
Tremper Mack Snow £59.99
Super Hypo Tangerine £49.99
Bell Albino Mack Snow £69.99
Tremper Albino Enigma £69.99
Tremper Albino Mack Snow £69.99
Bell Albino Super Snow £74.99
Hypo Tangerine Albino £59.99
Mack snow £59.99

CB2016 Grown on Males (chunky)
Normal £29.99 each x1
Hypo £34.99 each x1
Tremper Albino £49.99 each x4
Mack Snow £54.99 x2
Enigma £34.99 x1
Bell Albino Enigma £69.99 x1
Super Hypo £44.99 x1
Blizzard £44.99 x1

Other Geckos
Frog Eyed Gecko /Wonder Geckos (Teratoscincus scincus) £59.99 each both sexes available 3.3
2016 Hainan cave gecko (Goniurosaurus hainanensis) £59.99or £100pr both sexes available
CB16 Giant Madagascan Day Geckos £74.99 each (1.2 available) SOLD
2015 LTC Tokay Geckos £29.99 Big and chunky (two for £50)
2015 Bibrons Geckos £24.99 each stunning and chunky (0.2 available)
Brooks House Gecko £9.99 each x10
Fan Footed Gecko £17.99 each x6

Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus)
CB17 Baby Normal Crested Geckos £49.99 each
CB17 Baby Flame Crested Geckos £54.99 each
CB17 Baby Harlequins Crested Geckos £59.99 each
CB17 Baby Tiger Crested Geckos £59.99 each
CB17 Baby Brindle Dalmatian £59.99 each

2017 Baby Green Iguanas £39.99 each
2017 Baby Red Iguanas £49.99 each
2017 Baby Blue Iguanas £149.99 each (stunning)

Other Lizards
CB Baby North African (Moroccan) Uromastyx (Uromastyx a.nigriventris) £189.99 each (5 available)
CB Baby Egyptian Uromastyx (Uromastyx aegyptia) £230.00 each (2 available)
CF17 Baby Chinese Water Dragons (Physignathus cocincinus) £24.99 each
CB16Male Green Anoles £9.99 each ?
CB16 Female Green Anoles £14.99 each ?
Green Mountain Horned Agama £24.99 each
Long Tailed grass Lizards (Takydromas sexlineatus)£19.99 each
Stocked Amphibians
Wild Type Baby Axolotl 2-3” £14.99 each x6
Whites Tree Frogs (grown on) £34.99 each x10
CB 2-3cm Ornate Horned Frog £44.99 each x3
CB 2-3cm Fantasy Horned Frog £49.99 each x1
CB 2-3cm Albino Horned Frogs £39.99 each x1
CB 2-3cm Green Horned Frogs £29.99 each x3
CB 1-3cm Red Eyed Tree frogs £49.99 each x6
CB 2-3cm Baby Whites Tree Frog £19.99 each x5
Senegal Running Frog (Kassina Senegalensis) £29.99 each
CB16 Oriental fire-bellied toad(Bombina orientalis) £14.99 each
CB = Captive Bred followed by hatch/Born year
CF = Captive Farmed followed by hatch/Born year
WC = Wild Caught followed by hatch/Born year

Stocked Spiders and Tarantulas
Tarantulas – Adults/SubAdults
Mexican Fire Leg (Brachypelma boehmei) £84.99
MM Pumpkin Patch (Hapalopus sp. colombia) £20.00 x1
Female Pumpkin Patch (Hapalopus sp. colombia) £39.99 x2
Mysore Ornamental (Poecilotheria striata) £34.99
Desert Blonde (Aphonopelma chalcodes) £59.99 each
Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) £44.99 each
Costa Rican Zebra (Aphonopelma seemani) £39.99
Northern Gold (Grammostola sp. North) £29.99
Blue Bird Eater (Thrixopelma lagunas) £39.99
OBT (Pterinochilus murinus) £39.99
Chile Rose (Grammostloa porteri) £34.99
Chile Rose (Grammostola rosea) £39.99
MM White Striped Bird Eater (Nhandu chromatus) £20.00
Unicorn Horned Baboon (Ceratogyrus marshalli) £34.99
AF Pygmy Fire Leg (Kochiana brunnipes) £49.99
Salmon Pink (Lasiodora parahybana) £44.99
Borneo Black (Lampropelma sp. Borneo Black) £59.99
Ziggy Stardust (Heteropoda davidbowie) £49.99
Eyelash Jumping Spider (Hyllus diardi) £36.99
Eight Spotted Crab Spider (Platythomisus octomaculatus) £44.99
Black Tunnel Web (Porrhothele antipodiana) £26.99

New Mexican Tarantula (Brachypelma kahlenberi) £24.99
Mexican Fire Leg (Brachypelma bohemi) £54.99
Mexican Red Leg (Brachypelma emilia) £54.99
Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi) £49.99
Mexican Red Rump (Brachypelma vagans) £29.99
Costa Rican Red (Brachypelma angustum) £29.99
Giant Orange Knee (Brachypelma annitha) £59.99
Mexican Tiger Rump (Davus pentalore) £29.99
Costa Rican Tiger Rump (Davus fasciatus) £29.99
Brazilian Red Rump (Grammostola actaeon) £64.99
Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulcheripes) £39.99
Salmon Pink (Lasiodora Parahybana) £26.99
Columbian Giant Red Leg (Megaphobema robustum) £59.99
Costa Rican Orange Mouth (Psalmopoeus reduncus) £26.99
Trinidad Chevron (Psalmopoeus cambridgei) £26.99
Sazmai Tarantula (Pterinopelma sazmai) £59.99
Red Island Bird Eater (Phormictopus atrichromatus) £49.99
Gold Carapace Bird Eater (Phormictopus sp. gold carapace) £39.99
Green Femur Bird Eater (Phormictopus sp. green femur) £34.99
Yellow-backed ornamental (Poecilotheria smithi) £33.99
Togo Starburst (Heteroscrodra maculata) £23.99
Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) £29.99
White Striped Bird Eater (Nhandu chromatus) £24.99

Pichidangui Blue Beauty (Euathlus sp. Blue) £19.99
Socotra Island Blue Baboon (Monocentropus balfouri) £39.99 each
Dominican Republic Green Bird Eater (Phormictopus sp. Green) £29.99
Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulcheripes) £19.99
Blue Velvet Pink Toe (Avicularia sp. Blue Velvet) £19.99
Martinque Pink Toe (Caribena versicolor) £19.99
Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) £16.99
Mountain Dwarf (Aphonopelma sp. montane) £12.99
Golden Red Rump (Brachypelma albiceps) £19.99
True Curly Hair (Brachypelma albopilosum) £14.99
Mexican Fire Leg (Brachypelma boehmei) £19.99
Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi) £14.99
Mexican Red Leg (Brachypelma emilia) £16.99
Mexican Red Rump (Brachypelma vagans) £9.99
Fire Red Rump (Lasiodora difficilis) £16.99
Venezuelan Sun Tiger (Psalmopoeus irminia) £12.99
Dark Earth Tiger (Chilobrachys sp. kaeng krachan) £16.99
Cobalt Blue (Cyriopagopus lividum) £19.99
Blue Diamond (Dolichothele diamantinensis) £34.99
Panama Blond (Pslamopoeus pulcher) £17.99

Stocked Scorpions
WC Vinegaroon Whip Scorpion £34.99
Asian Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus Spinnifer) £29.99
Dune Scorpion (Sminigerus Mesaensis) £24.99
Desert Hairy Scorpion £29.99
Blonde Desert Hairy Scorpion £39.99
Yellow Devil Scorpion (Vaejovis confuscus) £19.99
Stripe Tail Scorpion (Vaejovis spinigerus) £19.99
Matte Black Scorpion (Chaerilus sp. java) £26.99
Death Stalker Scorpion, *£24.99* DWA only, please ask for more info

Stocked Mantis
CB Dead Leaf £18.99
Tanzanian Mantus £18.99
CB Epaphrodita Mantis £19.99
CB Madagascan Twig Mantis £18.99
CB Jewelled Flower Mantis £19.99
CB Mio Mantis £18.99
CB Cameroon Stick Mantis £18.99
CB Peacock Mantis £18.99
CB Indonesian Double Shield Mantis £19.99
Oxyopsis Mantis £19.99

Stick insects
Indian Stick Insects £6.99
Guadeloupe Stick Insects (Lamponius Guereni) £6.00 each

Red Millipedes £19.99 each
Gold Millipedes £19.99 each
Chocolate Millipedes £19.99 each
Giant African Millipedes £19.99 each

Tiger Beetles (Thermophilum sexmaculatum) £15.99 or two for £30
Vietnam Giant Centipede £29.99 each
Scolopendra sp. Java Centipede £24.99 each
Borneo Giant Centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes) £36.99
Hissing Cockroach £4.99 each or two for £8.00
Stocked Exotic Mammals
?Female Skinny Pigs £109.99 each
?Male Skinny Pigs £99.99 each
?African Pygmy Dormice (micro Squirrels) £29.99 each
?African Pygmy Dormice (micro Squirrels) £34.99 each
??Baby White faced Sugar gliders £450.00 each (stunning)
?Baby Leucistic Sugar gliders £750.00 (White male)
?Older Male Sugar gliders £139.99 each WAS £199.99 each
^^^^ OFFER ON TWO £250.00^^^^
?Baby Boy Sugar gliders £169.99 each WAS £225 each
^^^^ OFFER ON TWO £300.00^^^^
?Baby Girl Sugar gliders £249.99 each no further discount (not many left)
?Baby Boy African Pygmy Hedgehogs (albino)£129.99 each WAS £159.99
?Baby Girl African Pygmy Hedgehogs (albino) £139.99 each WAS £169.99
?Baby Boy African Pygmy Hedgehogs Pinto/Pied £149.99 each
?Baby Girl African Pygmy Hedgehogs Pinto/Pied £159.99 each

Stocked Small Mammals
Lop Eared Baby Rabbits From £29.99 each
Dutch Baby Rabbits from £24.99
Lionhead Baby Rabbits £29.99 each
Neverland Dwarf Baby Rabbits £34.99 each
Female Baby Guinea Pigs £24.99 each
Male Baby Guinea Pigs £18.99 each
Male and Female Dwarf Hamsters £9.99 each
Male and Female Syrian Hamsters £9.99 each
Male Roborovski Hamsters £9.99 each
Male and Female Fancy Rats £8.99 each Inc Blues/silvers Dumbo!
Coloured Fancy Mice Female £6.00 each
Coloured Fancy Mice Male £5.50 each

Stocked Pet Birds
Green Ringneck Parrot £89.99 each
Blue Ringneck Parrots £159.99 each
Yellow Ringneck Parrots £159.99 each
Grey Ringneck Parrots £139.99 each
Creamino Ringneck Parrots £169.99 each
Rainbow/Lacewing Ringneck Parrots £169.99 each
Grey Cockatiel £39.99 each
Pearl Cockatiel £49.99 each
Pied Cockatiel £54.99 each
Pearl Pied Cockatiel £59.99 each
Lutino Cockatiel £64.99 each
White Faced Pearl Cockatiel £69.99 each
Yellow Kakariki £59.99 each
Green Kakariki £49.99 each
Pied Kakariki £54.99 each
Button Quail (Chinese Painted) £9.99 each
Mixed Coloured Baby Budgies £19.99 each
Green Baby Budgies £17.99 each
Red Factor Canaries £34.99 each
Red Dimorphic Canaries £29.99 each
Dutch Frilled Canaries £29.99 each
Yellow Fife Canaries £24.99 each
Variegated Fife Canaries £24.99 each
Hecks Grass Finches £29.99 each
Java Finch White £29.99 each
Java Finch £24.99 each
Owl Finch £39.99 each
Green Singers £139.99 pair
Cut Throat Finch £39.99 each £69.99 pair
Cordon Blues £149.99 pair
Mutation Zebra Finch M£12.99 F£14.99 each
Green Parrotletts £55.00 each
Blue Parrotletts £65.00 each
Red Star Finches £80PR
Blue £59.99 Faced Parrot Finch each
Red Star Finch £80 a pair
Peach Faced Lovebirds £60 pr
Mutation Lovebirds £65 pr
Fischer’s lovebirds £60 pr
Mutation Fischer’s Lovebirds £65 pr
Black Masked Lovebirds £65 pr
Rosabourke £49.99 each
Silver £17.99 / Fawn£15.99 Diamond Doves each
Bengalese Finch M£9.99 F£12.99 each
Young Yellow Crowned Bishops £30 each or £40 a pair
Green Lineolated Parakeet £44.99 each or £80 pr
Diamond Fire Tails £49.99 each
Gouldian Finches £49.99 each

Stocked Pet Birds
Middle Room
Alexanderine Parrots £250.00 each
Yellow sided Conures £110.00
Barraband Parrots £89.99 each
Green Quakers £99.99 each
Blue Quaker £149.99 each
Yellow Quaker £199.99 each

Stocked Pet Hand Reared/Tame Birds
Hand Reared/Tame Galah Cockatoo £950.00 each
2017 hatch Baby Tame Pineapple Conures £289.99 each
2017 hatch Baby Tame Pineapple Blue Conures £299.99 each
2017 hatch Baby Tame Blue Conures £289.99 each
2017 hatch Baby Tame Cockatiels (mix colours) £119.99 each
2017 Baby hand Reared/Tame green quakers parrots £275.00
Check our Facebook page and our website as new stock arriving daily if you cannot see what you are looking for send us a email or call us and we will see if we can source it for you. facebook=Warrington pets
Next day Livestock Delivery Every Thursday~
UK Main Land & Wales £45.00/ Scotland from £52.50
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Free Car Park Outside the Shop
SAT- 9.30 – 18.00 SUN: 10.00 - 16.00
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