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Mali uromastyx 2017 hatch £199
Baby ackie monitors £180 each
Peter's banded skinks £120 each at Bourne end
Baby bosc monitors £50 each
Baby bearded dragons orange/red lavender leatherback £99 each 1 x imprefect £50
Baby low white pied yemens/veiled chameleons females £65 each males £85
Female ambilobe panther chameleons £89.99 each
Baby jacksons chameleons £165 males £185
Long tailed lizards £14.99 each
Green anolis £14.99 each
Brown anolis £14.99 each bourne end
Adult lined day geckos £120 the pair
Mourning gecko £14.99
Sub adult giant day geckos £89.99 each
Baby crested geckos various morphs please ask from £65 each
Juvenile striped ht reticulated gargoyle gecko poss female £120
Pine island mossy gecko £240
Baby normal leopard geckos £40 not ready
Baby mack snow leopard gecko £45 not ready
Sub adult albino leopard gecko £55
Sub adult shct leopard geckos £45
Adult female afganicus leopard gecko £95
Baby chequered garter snakes pht albino £45 each
Adult female rough green snake £49
Baby flame kenyan sand boa £85
Baby mid baja female rosy boa £110
Baby spotted python female £95
Baby western hog nose ht axthantic females £85 each
Baby anaconda western hog nose male £125
normal/ okeetee corn snakes males £39 females £49
Baby annery corn snakes £69
Baby male amel corn snakes £69
Baby annery tessera female £89
Sub adult female normal corn snake £55
Adult male normal corn snakes male £35 each
Grown on pueblacorn £75
Juvenile male honduran milk snake £85
Baby cali king snake female £55
Adult male hypo banded cali king snake £95
Baby common boas £50 each
Juvenile hypo common boas double ht sharp albino/ type 1 annery (het snow)£120
Adult common boas £75 each not ready yet
Baby normal het albino male burmese python £75
Baby normal 66% ht clown ball python £65
Baby russo ball python male £65 female £129
Baby female fire ball python £95
Baby female mojave ball python £99
Baby male lesser 66% pht clown ball python £109
Baby male pewter ball python £140
Baby male whirlwind ball python £170
Baby female calipin ball python £180
Baby male banana ball python £275
Baby male low white pied ball python £400
Juvenile female cinnamon ball python £95
Adult male poss yellowbelly kinked tail ball python £50
Adult female normal ball python £65
3-4ft brazilian rainbow boa female £150
Baby coastal x carpet pythons £50 jaguars £75
Juvenile horsefield tortoises £115 each
Red foot tortoises £150 each
Baby reeves turtles £31.99
Sub adult Mississippi map turtle £20
Adult common musk turtles £35 each
Albino sharp ribbed newts £19.99
Marbled mole salamanders £21.99 each
Albino pac man frog £50
Baby whites tree frogs £19.99 each
Juvenile high snowflake whites tree frog £40
Adult guibes mantella green £60 each 2 for £100
Blue ( azeurus) dart frogs £65 each
Black beauty/velvet stick insects £5 each
Giant lime green stick insects £35 the pair
Giant African black millipedes £20
Ivory millipedes £9.99 ea
Pink footed millipedes £11.99 ea
Red ringed millipedes £8 each
Tanzanian mantis £12.99
Nigerian mantis £12.99
Jewelled flower mantis £16.99
Indian mantis £13.99
Orchid mantis £35
Adult female Togo starburst £40
Nigerian brown tarantula ad f £35.99
Ad f curly hair £60
Ad f avicularia pink toe £50
Chaco golden knee large sling £30
Mexican red knee 1" £39.99
Red knee 3" £60
Vietnam blue £30
Adult female Thai black £29.99
Columbian giant red leg £80
New mexican large sling £9.99
Red rump £34.99
P formosa 1" + £30
Feather leg £30
Obt ad female £45
Red rump 3" £45
All pictures are of actual animals for sale
Available to view at the jungle reptiles in iver flowerland, iver heath, s.bucks, sl0 0ew
For more information please call or email

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