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Gorgeous female crestie for sale!
No pores seen
Eats pangea really well and will eat wax worms occasionally.
Father comes from Lilly exotics
Message me for more info!
Crested geckos do not need additional heat from bulbs or matts - they need to be kept at 67F - 77F, which is room temperature (no more than 77F just because this is reptile doesn't mean it loves it boiling hot! This species can dehydrate really quickly which results in death if not caught quickly) if the temperature drops below 67F no need to worry too much as the country where they orginated from often does and they can live quite happily in mid 60s for cooling periods but should not be kept like this all the time.
Crested geckos can and do drop their tails- this is very normal, there has been no sightings of adult crested geckos in the wild with tails, they usually drop them if they get spooked - so if you open the cage and it frightens them or they can just do it randomly, if this happens to your gecko, don't worry, they take a few days to heal and the gecko gets on perfectly but please do your own
Crested geckos are arboreal so need enclosures that are tall and NOT long, they need plenty of hanging leaves to hide in - the more th better!
They do not need uvb lights but you can definitely add them as they do benefit the gecko having a day and night cycle, but not absolutely necessary.
Sorry for the long message but I've recently had someone enquire about a crestie that didn't have a clue! And wanted to believe what a pet shop had told her (completely wrong information, about heat, enclosure size saying they lived like leopard geckos which they dont)
If you have the wrong enclosure or haven't done research about these little lizards than I will refuse to sell my geckos to you! They deserve the very best homes and I won't let them be homed by someone who is completely ignorant on what they truly need.

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Crested Gecko
Current Age
15 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate