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Peppa is our 4 year old family dog, however we are having some issues which have forced us to need to re-home her.
She is a Boxer/Rottweiler/Akita.
The problem..
She is an anxious dog which causes her to still behave mostly like a puppy which would be no problem except that we have a two year old son and Peppa does not realise her size or exercise caution when she is running around him.
As a result we have had to keep Peppa’s free space restricted and this is not very fair on her.
She is also not very good with strangers and this can be intimidating the first time that someone meets her (as I once did).
Due to her mix of breeds she has grown up to require more exercise, interaction and stimulation than we as a young family can provide her. So we want to hopefully be able to provide a better life for Peppa and a loyal pet for potentially a single person or couple who have the time and space for Peppa to enjoy her life.
Peppa is a loyal and beautiful dog. She is very clever and can follow directions when given them (most of the time) unless stressed or face to face with another dog. Which we have had some success with and some failures.
She has never been aggressive to our children however I would never say that a dog is safe with children because I can’t guarantee anything, nobody can.
Peppa is fully toilet trained and will never mess inside as long as she has access to an outside space. She can be boisterous and a pain but mostly she is curious and just wants love, affection and attention!

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