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Unique opportunity to share and help bring on my horses

This advert is located in and around West Malling, Kent

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I am looking for the impossible....a sharer who wants to love, care for and treat a horse (or two!) as their own but that isn't too bothered about riding...yet!

Background: I have a number of horses that I have rescued over the past 5 years, the 2 that I'm looking for a sharer for have known me since they were an hour old...they are now rising 4. I put my blood, sweat and tears into rescuing these babies so they will not ever be leaving me.

If you've got this far well done!

I am looking for confident, fairly experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate person who would basically like their own horse but for what ever reason can't have one (finances/time etc), to love and bring on my 2 boys as if they were their own. I'm looking for somebody who would like a long term arrangement who will cherish them as much as I do but perhaps has a little more time! I do not expect a financial contribution however if you would like to buy them things you are more than welcome! I have another horse who I will be breaking in this year so any assistance with that (i.e. catching her when she throws me off haha will be gratefully received)

I'm flexible on the times of day that you can visit as they live out - ideal if you would like to visit during school hours etc. I also rent my land so there are no restrictions re. visiting times (within reason!)

About the boys: They will be 4 in July, one is "mini" cob who should make somewhere in the region of 13.2hh...I say mini with my tongue firmly in my cheek because he lives on air and still remains as round as he is tall. As to be expected, he can be a little bolshy but is a very fast learner and absolutely loves attention. The other is a Blagdon cob, should make somewhere around 14.1hh, he can be wary at first but once he decides he trusts you is incredibly loving. He can be a pansy about new things and can also be bolshy. They are brothers and have been together since birth as such they bicker like brothers!

I would like to find somebody long term who would like to treat them as their own with a view to bringing one, or both, of them on and then continuing to ride them and love them for many years to come afterwards. I would like the right person who is just as interested in bonding with them as they are riding them when the time comes. (I realise I sound like a flappy mother hen but this is a massive


About me: I am looking for help as I do not have the time that I used to at the moment - I have an 18 month old child and a full time job and there are simply not enough hours in the day for me to bring all of them on in the way that I would like to! I used to be in the fields at 5am before work and until dark after work with them but I can obviously no longer do this with my daughter in tow!

Please message me if you would like any more information.

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