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Use the ATV weed wiper when weeds are grown for maximum efficiency. The height and offset adjustment of the ATV weed wiper will ensure a full coverage and control on all the areas being treated. These machines are best towed with a quad bike and with a simple rotary adjustment on the electronic controls, you will ensure the right application rate of the products. The ATV weed wiper rollers are fully adjustable and controlled by a unique IP67 sealed control box. With a pump that is automatically pulsed on and off, the ATV weed wiper maintains a constant and accurate liquid saturation.

The electric drive motor of this ATV weed wiper operates at 25 rpm. With a roller made of strong tubular steel and a high quality, wear resistant carpet attached to it, our ATV weed wiper has control over the weight of the liquid with perfect balance. The ATV weed wiper is the perfect answer for eliminating weeds with an even and trouble-free application without worrying about chemicals being flicked onto the surrounding areas.This ATV weed wiper has narrow semi-flotation tyres with low ground pressure, reducing the chance of herbicides being transferred to the actual wheels and damaging the underlying grass. These machines are fitted with a hand lance as standard for spot applications on weeds.

Features of the Chapman ATV Weed Wiper

- This ATV weed wiper has a 2.4 m (8') working width.
- Mounted 55L tank, pump and hand-lance.
- The unique electric drive system of the ATV weed wiper eliminates any dripping.
- The simple IP67 sealed electronic control module is supplied as standard.
- Easily towable with a quad bike or similar vehicle.

Manufactured in the UK with a unique non-drip feature, this ATV weed wiper manages rushes more efficiently than boom sprayers using less chemicals and a dramatic reduction in spray drift. This lightweight ATV weed wiper can be towed behind a farm quad, UTV or ATV vehicle, if equipped with a ball hitch.

Specifications of the ATV Weed Wiper
- Working width 2.4 m.
- Weight (unladen) 190 Kg.
- Working height 0-350 mm.
- The ATV weed wiper has a capacity for 55 litres.
- Pump pressure (max) 70 PSI/4.3 BAR
- Flow rate (max) 2.2gpm/8.3 L/min.
- The ATV weed wiper roller has a diameter of 200 mm - 25 rpm
- The tyre size of the weed wiper is 19x7x8"

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