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ATV Water Bowser - Quad Bike Water Bowser – Trailer Mounted Water Bowser - Skid Mounted Water Bowser
Water bowsers facilitate the supply of non-potable water to areas without direct access to water sources. An ATV water bowser is used for both domestic and commercial use and is very popular with landscapers, gardeners, local councils and contractors.
As well as our quad bike water bowser, we supply skid mounted water bowsers with different pumps and other add-on options to complement our watering system range and towable water bowsers for highway use. For a more domestic use and less demanding watering tasks we also offer a range of trolley mounted water bowsers.
The Chapman ATV water bowser standard machine is available as gravity feed. Optional upgrade to a motorised pump action powered by a Honda engine, performing at 400 litres p/m maximum complete with a nozzle and splash plate.
Chapman ATV water bowser specifications
• 500 Litre tank
• Trailed chassis (off road use)
• 22x11x8” tyres
• 2” diameter outlet pipe, 3M long hose with ¼ inch turn tap
Quad Bike water bowser (trailer mounted)
200 litres quad bike water bowser (Code 142020-ST):
• Galvanised chassis. Single axle. 50 mm tow hitch.
• Fitted with 1.5" quarter turn valve.
• 1.5" x 1.5" PVC hose (for non-drinking water only).
• Fitted with 22" high flotation all terrain tyres.
• Guaranteed for 10 years for potable water and 2 years for non-drinking water.
• Chequer plate mud guards.
• Supplied directly from stock for prompt delivery. Manufactured in the UK. Off road use.
• Dimensions L 2160 mm x W 1230 mm x H 850 mm
Skid mounted water bowser
The skid mounted water bowser is available with an optional pump mounting plate which enables the fitting of different pumps and other add-on for easy watering of large gardens, hanging baskets, orchards, vegetable plots and more. Used for the supply of non-potable water to areas without direct access to water sources, the modified version (black tank option only) of this water bowser is suitable for the storage and transport of drinking water and very useful when livestock drinking troughs are not connected to a mains supply.
700 litres skid mounted water bowser (Code 13270070)
Optional pumps:
• 19LPM - 10 m hose, garden nozzle.
• 19LPM - 10 m hose, 900 mm watering lance.
• 19LPM - 1.6 m - 2.8 m telescopic watering lance.
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