Colour Pop: 16 Ways to Add Brass to Your Home

Adding a pop of colour to a room can get out of hand, especially if you really, REALLY like that colour. Today we're concentrating on different ways of adding brass (or gold) to your home; so may surprise you, but we love every single idea.

2017-01-21 00:00:15By Natalie Reynolds


9 Ways You Can Repurpose a Radiator

If you want to try your hand at repurposing something different that forces you to think outside the box, how about a radiator? Click through to find 9 different ways you can reuse them.

2017-01-09 00:00:05By Natalie Reynolds


18 Ways to Reuse a Glass Bottle

If it has been your turn to host New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably have a surplus of bottles that will inevitably fill up the recycling. That got us thinking, is there anything we can actually do with glass bottles to reuse them? Turns out there is!

2017-01-01 00:00:28By Natalie Reynolds


11 Ways To Repurpose a Crib

Cribs are one of those items of furniture that serves its purpose for a limited amount of time. Once your children have outgrown them, they generally cannot fulfil another function; cue the repurposed crib.

2016-12-30 00:00:18By Natalie Reynolds

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DIY gym equipment

More and more people are resorting to working out at home. Investing in equipment, however, can be expensive. Find out some alternatives with these DIY gym equipment ideas!

2016-12-28 00:00:20By Natalie Reynolds

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How to Make a Christmas Tree from a Paperback Book

We all have books we have read and didn’t really enjoy. Or we have bought at the charity shop on an impulse buy and haven’t touched in three years. Why not give them a new purpose? Today we show you how to make a tree from a paperback book.

2016-12-22 00:00:46By Natalie Reynolds


Play kitchens and alternatives to plastic play food

Children love role play. They especially like to carry out activities that happen in the home. With mum and dad carrying out an equal amount of chores at home, it is no wonder that play kitchens are a hit both with girls and boys. Keep reading for some fun ideas to create a play kitchen and how to steer away from plastic food.

2016-12-19 00:00:10By Natalie Reynolds

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How to make a yarn hat ornament

If you are a crafter, it is more than likely you have scraps of wool too short to make anything out of them, so this project enables you to use up material. You will need two items only to make a yarn hat ornament: wool and a spent loo roll.

2016-12-18 00:00:56By Natalie Reynolds

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How to Make Christmas Baubles from Light Bulbs

If you are a normal human being with a life, you probably haven’t replaced or even got rid of those old light bulbs. If you want to find a new purpose for them, click through to learn how to make some baubles!

2016-12-11 00:00:03By Natalie Reynolds

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How to Make Mason Jar Christmas candles

If ever there was an everyday object that found a new purpose in life, it is the Mason jar. Keep reading if you want to make a Christmas candle out of a jar!

2016-12-04 00:00:24By Natalie Reynolds