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Gifts in a Jar

Repurposing mason jars has become really popular among the creative people on the internet. What we need to remember is that we can use any time of jar and make it work for us. For example, if you are repurposing a pasta sauce jar and you don’t want the lid to take away the effect, simply use some découpage, spray-paint it, put a sticker and ribbon on it; there are numerous options. With Christmas fast approaching, we have collated some great gift ideas to present in a jar.

Memory jar

Pretty much what it says on the tin! If a big birthday is approaching, you are about to leave school or university; maybe your friend is moving to a different country. Having a jar full of memories your friend can read is extremely comforting for those days when home-sickness kicks in and nothing will make you feel better, not even ice cream. Having something physical to turn to, as well as photos and a Skype conversation, will make it

Wishes in a jar

This is a very sweet idea. When dandelions start to shed their seeds, collect them and make a wish jar. You can write a note explaining that the jar contains X amount of wishes, to use them wisely, and to ask for wishes on a particular day, mood, etc. You make the rules!

1. Jar Pinterest1


If you are looking for a new hobby, why not look into making your own candles? You can source the wicks and wax sustainably and mix the scents you love. The end product is a lovely candle that will remind the receiver of you by the scent. When they have used it up they can then refill it by asking for your services!

2. Jar Pinterest3

Photo Frames

We love this way of displaying photos. It is so simple yet it gives them a new dimension by lifting them off the surface and rounding them slightly. By collating some images together you can make your parents’ anniversary (or yours!) that much special – an image for every decade, for example. The key in this instance is to not only have containers of different sizes, but also photos of different sizes and colours.

3. Jar Goods Home Design


Similar to the idea of displaying photos, this jar also contains items from the time and place. It could be sand from where you went on your honeymoon, baby items belonging to your first born. This was a memory is not only saved in an image, but contains items to be talked about. The first pair of booties, the favourite dummy, items from The War, etc. Even old Rex’s lead.

4. Jar Echoes of Laughter

Plant Pot

Of course we couldn’t ignore the succulent! Play with colours by layering the stones, pebbles and compost your plant needs. Just make sure you don’t overwater it as the roots can rot and die.

5. Jar Pinterest2

Baked Goods

You can’t beat a good recipe. Even if they can’t cook, hot chocolate or brownies are the easiest treats to make. You just need to mix all the ingredients together! Again, you can play with layers to make it even more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s going to end in our bellies anyway, so…

6. Pinterest4

Pamper Jar

This can work both for men and women. You can get some pedicure items for the ladies, or some nice skin care such as face masks, bath salts, etc. For him, a nice razor, beard comb, some tash wax, eye cream, moisturiser. The list is endless.

7. Classy Clutter

Craft jar

If you have a crafty friend, why not give them a sewing project? You can include the instructions, the material, thread, buttons etc they will need. Alternatively, you can make it for them! Such as an apron, some tea towels, etc.

8. Pleasant Home

The Happy Jar

This can be applied to anything. It can have Disney songs, quotes, facts, memories, a recipe, anything. And, as the photo says, it is to be used “when you’re feeling low, in sunshine, rain, even snow. Just pluck one out, and soon you’ll see, a happy message to you, from me!”

9. Army Life from the Wife

A little something

If someone has been having a rough time due to health, family events, life changes, receiving something like this with some of their favourite will brighten up their day. It is nice to receive gifts unexpectedly.

10. Fun Squared

Have you been inspired to make your own gift in a jar? Send us a photo!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert