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The Second Lockdown: How Preloved Can Help You

The Second Lockdown: How Preloved Can Help You

In March, we began to publish various articles aiming to navigate our lovely Preloved members through the pandemic. We discussed how to:

  1. Exchange secondhand items safely
  2. Guidelines on face to face transactions
  3. How to begin decluttering your home
  4. How to live life as ‘normal’
  5. How to stay positive with the kids
  6. How to help out and feel connected

… and so much more! Who would have thought that 8 months later, we would be in the same position facing another national lockdown?! That’s why we want to reach out once more and show you how Preloved can help you get through this second phase of staying at home. For many of us,  the second lockdown will be tough. But we’ve done it once before, and this time, we can do it even better!

Start an upcycling project

You don’t have to be an expert painter or have all the tools of a professional furniture artist. But, for a bit of fun, why not source a second-hand piece of furniture on Preloved and have a go at doing it up and giving it a new lease of life? You could even sell your unwanted pieces for someone else to flip. A lick of paint works wonders and could be an exciting challenge for you and the family. For tips on how to get started on your upcycling venture, click here. 

second lockdown: start and upcycling project

Plan for the future

We’re firm believers that future plans, aspirations, or life events, should not be put on hold due to the current situation. Having things to look forward to and get excited about are one of the many ways to get us through these unprecedented times.

For example, if you and your family are expecting a newborn, Preloved can help you find prams and pushchairs, baby items, cots and bedding, baby car seats, and children’s clothes… all at bargain prices! If your wedding has been delayed or pushed back due to COVID-19 and you’ve now been forced to do it on a budget, why not scroll Preloved for wedding clothes and bridal wear so that you’re ready for the big day?

second lockdown: plan for the future

Keep up the fitness

Many of us may have enjoyed and got used to the routine of going to the gym once they reopened. Whether you attended group classes or did your own thing, going to the gym has many physical, emotional, and mental benefits that we shouldn’t have to miss out on now that they are closed again.

Preloved can help you work out and exercise in many different ways! If spin classes were your thing, why not invest in a second hand bike? If you like your home workouts, Preloved has a great range of affordable sports equipment. You could even think about purchasing a second hand stereo system or speaker to help motivate you! If you experienced that dreaded exercise gloom during the first lockdown, here’s a reminder on how to beat it again this time. 

second lockdown: stay motivated

Look forward to an adventure

Let’s face it, even when the second lockdown is lifted, the chances of us going a sunny holiday abroad are fairly slim for quite some time. So why not plan to take advantage of the great British countryside and all the natural beauty spots we have right here on our doorstep? Search Preloved today for used caravans, campervans, and tents, so that you’re ready to explore when the time comes.

caravan holiday during lockdown

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert