Preview of the first image of Urban exotics ever expanding puppy & dog section.

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Our dog section seems to be increasing week on week. If there is anything you ever require we can order and keep in stock pretty much anything for your four legged friend. Huge range of :-
Toys from £1
Leads, collars and harnesses from £3.49
Treats from 10p
Dry food from £2.99 including Harrington, autarky, dr john, beta, Arden grange plus many more
Bulmers Frozen raw food 95p a block
Natures menu frozen raw food from £1.19 400g block
Natures menu frozen raw treats from £2.69
Shampoos £2.49 including beaphar, Johnson's and animology
Flea and worming products from £3.49
Treatments from £2.99
Crates from £24.99
Nail clippers and combs from £3.99
Beds from £3.50

We always stock a full range of equipment and setups to suit
We stock a full range of reptiles, tropical & cold water fish, small furry pets plus parrots and pet birds.
Feel free to private message or call the shop for more information

A bit about us

Urban Exotics are an exotic pet shop specialising in the care, advice and selling of


Our number 1 ethos being the setup and care is the most important thing. It’s not a Devine right to own any pet so it must be done to the best of ability

We also stock everything you could need including

Wooden vivariums
Full range of glass exo terra tanks and paludariums
Over 20 sizes of custom aquaria glass tanks for inverts
Full range of thermostats, heating, uv & led lighting
Supplements and hygiene products from all the major brands
Masses of natural woods, rocks & vines
Bowls, caves, artificial plants etc
Over 500 live plants for bio active setups from £2.99
Livefood & frozen including bulk discounts

We also sell a full range of

Aquatic products including filters, pumps, foods, treatments, substrates, natural & artifical decor, lighting etc. PLEASE NOTE - we no longer sell live fish any more

Small animal products including foods, beddings, treats, toys

Bird products including cages (for up to macaw size bird), huge wall of 100s of toys & perches, foods from major brands including tropican, tidy mix and kaytee, uv lighting, supplements,

The shop is open 5 days per week

Monday - CLOSED
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-7.30 LATE NIGHT OPENING
Saturday 10-5.30
Sunday- CLOSED

Please find the shops FACEBOOK page by searching urban exotics. We post daily updates and photos of stock.

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