Livestock Care Advice

Livestock is a broad group of domesticated animals used primiarily in an agricultural setting. From traditional animals like pigs, sheep, and goats to more obscure animals like alpaca and deer, giving these animals a home requires specialist knowledge and expertise. Learn more with Preloved NOW!

Giving Livestock a Home

Advice for Buying Pigs

Renowned farmer and journalist, Liz Shankland shares some advice and guidance to anyone considering getting some pigs.

Buying and Selling Goats, Sheep or Pigs

Nothing typifies the 'good life' more than buying a couple of goats, sheep or pigs and keeping them on a smallholding in the country. However, even the good life involves some paper work, so find out what's expected when buying, selling or keeping livestock.

Quick Guide on Livestock Law

Looking to adopt a country lifestyle by having some livestock in your life? Read our quick guide on livestock law to make sure you are in the know before commiting to giving any livestock animal a home.

Caring For Your Livestock

Caring for Goats in Winter

Get clued up on how to care for your cheeky goats through the twinter months by reading our in depth guide by Wood Green Animal Shelter.

Micro Pigs - A Beginner's Guide

Mico Pigs have gained lots of attention in the press in the past, once being described as the latest celebrity pet craze with owners reported to include Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, Jonathon Ross and David Beckham. However, as cute as they are, they still require all the things in life an average size pig. Learn more NOW!

Give Us a Forever Home

From a baby micro pig that fits in a teacup, to a cheeky old goat looking for a new home, all livestock should be given a safe and secure place to grow old and be happy. If all you have is a small courtyard garden, then before rehoming livestock you should perhaps consider finding a smallholding for sale, or land to rent?

Come rain or shine, your livestock will require care all year round, so be prepared to make good use of those wellies, waterproof outdoor clothing and manure fork! Whether you are planning to use your animals for their produce (wool, milk, etc.) or simply want an intelligent pet with a difference, make sure you do plenty of research before you make any commitments.

The Preloved Pet Pledge

We've pledged to put animal welfare at the forefront of everything we do at Preloved.

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