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Do You Qualify for a Free Boiler Grant?

Apply For A Free Grant with Boiler Grants

Many low income homeowners and private tenants in England, Scotland and Wales are still entitled to apply for a free grant to help replace an ageing or broken gas boiler. Time, however, is not on your side as the scheme which is part of the Government backed Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is due to close at the end of March 2017.

The government launched the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) back in January 2013 to help improve the energy efficiency of mainland Britain’s housing stock and lower energy bills. Changing your gas boiler to a modern A-rated boiler can reduce energy bills by as much as £350 per year*.

What is a Boiler Grant?

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If you qualify you’ll get some or all of the cost of replacing the boiler paid for you from the grant funding. The grant only covers the cost of the boiler unit. In cases where extra work is required (for example extra piping) you will have to pay for this but the installer will make sure you are aware of any extra costs prior to starting the job, and there is no obligation to go through with it should you change your mind.

Who can apply?

You should apply for a boiler grant if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your household income is less than £16,010 per year before tax
  • You live in England, Scotland or Wales. Northern Ireland has a separate boiler replacement scheme
  • You are a homeowner or private tenant with landlord’s permission (council tenants, shared ownership or housing association won’t qualify)
  • Your gas boiler is over 8 years old
  • You or a member of your household receives one or more benefits*

If you have an elderly family member who you think qualifies but is unable to apply directly we can also assist family members in helping them to apply for them. Read more on how boiler grants can help pensioners.

Boiler Grants have helped over 30,000 people get a new gas boiler through the ECO scheme. If you would like to apply please complete the online form and one of our friendly staff will call you back to go through your application and what happens next if you qualify.

It is helpful to have details of the make and model of your boiler and its approximate age. You will also need the paper work for your tax credit or income related benefits to confirm your eligibility.

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*Please check the website for applicable benefits to ensure you qualify

Boiler Grants

Boiler Grants

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Boiler Grants helps people who are receiving benefits and living on a low income to get funding towards a new energy efficient boiler. Our friendly customer service team are able to guide you through the process, answering any questions that you might have about applying for and receiving a Boiler Grant.