Tricks for Treats - 4 Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Not a fan of Halloween? Do not worry! We have gathered some useful tricks to teach your dog. Click through to see the tutorials.

2016-10-31 00:00:45By Natalie Reynolds


Pettura - A Healthy Dog Means a Happier You

Pettura is a veterinary formulated range of easy-to-dose liquid and gel supplements for dogs. The brand caters for healthy joints, a shiny coat and oral health as well as multi-vitamins and a calming solution; it’s no surprise that 8 out of 10 dog owners recommend Pettura! Read more about Pettura and its benefits.

2016-09-03 00:00:22By Pettura


Great DIY Ideas for Your Pet

What happens when you love your pets but also like to indulge in DIY? You build your pets amazing things! Keep reading for some great ideas and inspiration.

2016-08-29 00:00:46By Natalie Reynolds


Pupdate: Marley

Last year we shared the story of Duffy, a dog found on Preloved who was successfully trained to be a support dog. This year, we have received an update on Marley from Support Dogs which we want to share with you in light of Assistant Dog Day.

2016-08-04 00:00:25By Support Dogs


Keep Pets Cool in Summer

It’s not just us humans that are perhaps finding this glorious weather just a little bit too hot, our pets are too! There are certain things we can do though to make a hot summer as easy as possible for our beloved animals to cope with.

2016-06-09 11:12:29By Justine Dench


Pupdate: Jess

Sometimes you just end up with a new member of the family who was meant to be there. Preloved member, Helen, tells the Preloved member how the dog she found on Preloved became the perfect member of the family.

2016-04-13 11:40:15By Justine Dench


Pupdate: Thorn

There are few things more satisfying than rescuing an animal in need and giving them a forever home. Preloved member, Sue, tells the Preloved community how she found happiness after rescuing her beloved Akita, Thorn.

2016-04-09 11:35:59By Justine Dench


Microchipping Law Introduced

As of today, 6th April 2016, it is compulsory for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped. Read on to find out how this could affect you.

2016-04-06 11:33:08By Justine Dench


New Microchipping Law for April 2016

From 6 April 2016, it will become compulsory in England, Wales and Scotland to have your dog microchipped. The PDSA tell you Preloved community what this means for you.

2016-03-15 10:42:21By PDSA


Pupdate: Topaz

We always want to hear about our members' animals. Whether they're furry, feathered or scaly, send us your Pet Updates! One Preloved member, Nirvana, shares the story of her delightful dog Topaz with the Preloved Community.

2016-01-28 11:26:43By Justine Dench