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Dog Breeder Licenses On Preloved

Who Needs A Dog Breeding License?

Any person who breeds 3 or more litters in a 12 month period requires a Breeder License. This is issued by your Local Authority. For more information, please visit the following pages:

Can I Sell As A Breeder On Preloved?

Any member looking to sell on Preloved as a Breeder must first submit their breeder license via email. Without this document on file, members are not be permitted to list as a breeder.

Members who’ve already listed adverts for 2 litters on Preloved and are attempting to list a 3rd litter will automatically be prevented from posting an advert in the Pet category. This freeze will remain in place until a license is received an verified. These members can still list adverts in other categories, for example Furniture & Fittings or Gardens categories, as these categories don’t allow Pet adverts.

How Do I Register As A Breeder On Preloved?

If you’re a licensed breeder and would like to register as one on Preloved, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Register A Free Account On Preloved.
  2. Contact  our Welfare Moderators here with a copy of your Local Authority issued license and confirmation of the email address you’ve registered on Preloved with.
  3. Once your license is verified by our Welfare Moderators and they’ve confirmed this, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to a Business Membership.

Why Do I Need To Upgrade To Business Membership?

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) consider breeders to be anyone who breeds 3 litters of pups per year, to be advertised for sale and / or sold for profit.

Because breeders are classed as ‘Businesses’ we ask these members to upgrade to our Business Member model.

Can I Save Money Selling As A Breeder On Preloved?

Yes! Unlike other websites that might ask you to pay up to £30 or £40 per advert, Preloved Business is just £24 a month and can be cancelled at any time, you’re not tied into anything!

There are no other fees; no listing fees and no selling fees! For just £24 a month you can post an unlimited number of adverts, on any Preloved category, without any unexpected charges.

Registering on Preloved as a Business Member also means that every one of our 10 million members can reply to your adverts immediately!

My Details Have Changed. How Do I Update My License With Preloved?

If you’re already registered with us as a Breeder but need to change your details, please contact our Welfare Moderators here.

I’m Still Waiting For My License Details

You can register your interest to join the Preloved Breeder directory, but you will not be permitted to list on Preloved as a Breeder until we receive and verify your license details.



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