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How To Maintain Your Motorhome This Winter

How To Maintain Your Motorhome This Winter

Trying to get one last road trip in before the end of the year? Now Christmas is just around the corner, many motorhome owners are putting the brakes on their travelling plans. To make sure you can get out and about as soon as spring comes along again though, you’ll need to make sure your motorhome is kept in top condition with proper care and attention.

Get your security sorted

One of the most important things to consider when maintaining your motorhome is how secure it will be when stored. Choosing where to store your motorhome is the first step to keeping it safe while not in use. It’s good practice to fit a security alarm wherever your motorhome is kept, but if you live in a busier area with no drive space, you could consider storage within a reputable and secure motorhome park over the winter months.

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Drain down your motorhome

If you know you don’t have any road trips planned for the next few months, it’s good practice to drain any excess water out of your vehicle. Your wastewater system should always be flushed through regularly, but if you’re not going to be out and about in your motorhome for a long while you should take the time to flush your system completely and avoid any build-up that could cause issues next time you drive.

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Regularly clean inside and out

No matter the season, it’s important to keep your motorhome clean and tidy, both inside and out. If you’re planning on staying parked for a while, you should also ensure all gas bottles are turned off or removed from your motorhome. It’s also worth double-checking there’s no food or drink left in the kitchen that could attract vermin and cause a much bigger cleanup job further down the line. As well as helping you get on the road as soon as possible when it’s time for your next trip, keeping your motorhome in top condition makes sure you’re prepared to sell easily and quickly, whatever kind of vehicle you own.

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Watch out for damp

If your motorhome’s been parked up for a while, you should also check for damp spots inside and outside. Watermarks or a smell of mildew are usually give-away signs of damp, or even simply windows and doors that haven’t been properly sealed against the elements. Regularly ventilating your motorhome by opening windows and doors while you’re nearby lets clean airflow through the space, without sacrificing your security.

cleaning inside a campervan

Keep warm over winter

Investing in a thermal screen will keep your motorhome, campervan or RV insulated both while you’re driving and when your vehicle is parked. Most of the heat in your motorhome is lost through the windscreen, so having a thermal screen to hand means warm air can easily circulate, keeping you comfortable while you’re driving and helping water in your pipes flow even in wintery weather. If you live in a particularly cold area or you’re concerned about weather damage over the winter, you could also consider choosing a full cover to slip over your entire motorhome when it’s parked up, for full protection from the elements.

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Put a maintenance kit together for your motorhome

Especially in winter when your vehicle faces difficult conditions, the first step to thorough care is keeping a maintenance kit to hand. You should have an ice scraper, antifreeze and a tyre inflator if possible, as your tyres need to have enough pressure to withstand icy roads and freezing temperatures. It’s recommended that you keep a torch, warm clothing and phone charger in your vehicle at all times too, just in case you find yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere.

It’s also important to make sure your battery never goes flat, even while your motorhome is safely stored. A typical RV’s battery lasts 3-5 years, but you can ensure your battery is kept in top condition by keeping it fully charged at all times.

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