Horse Care Advice

With their graceful nature and intriguing characters, it's no surprise horses and ponies win over the hearts of many Brits every year. As well as building a strong bond with a beautiful creature, owning a horse or pony can also improve your well being by getting you out in the fresh air.

Thinking About Getting a Horse or Pony

Choosing a Horse or Pony

Buying or loaning a horse or pony is a real and ongoing commitment, in terms of finances and time as well as being an emotional investment. The Blue Cross offers some advice to help you choose a horse or pony that is best suited to meet all your, and their, individual needs.

Loaning or Sharing your Horse or Pony?

Lee Hackett, Senior Executive of Welfare at the British Horse Society gives some advice to owners of horses and ponies who are considering loaning or sharing their animal.

Responsible Breeding in Horses and Ponies

In light of the current horse crsis, animal welfare charities are calling on all horse and pony owners to consider carefully about the knock effects before breeding from their four legged friends. We caught up with World Horse Welfare to find out more.

Caring For Your Horse or Pony

Obesity in Horses and Ponies

With obesity in horses and ponies becoming a growing concern, the Blue Cross have provided some detailed advice on how to ensure your horse or pony maintains a health weight.

Ponies, Horses and Fireworks

With autumn comes firework season, and across the UK there will be some pets enduring long evenings of frightening bangs and flashes. If you have a horse or pony, Blue Cross is here to give you advice on how you can help reduce their fear and stress levels during firework season.

Caring for Horses in Winter

When the colder months start to arrive, it is time to ensure you are prepared for the colder months. Most horses and ponies are hardy to the colder weather, but there are still some things you should consider. Here are some top tips from World Horse Welfare!

Caring For Horses in Summer

Long, hot summer days can be hazardous for a horse’s health, but a bit of planning can keep your horse safe and comfortable during the sunniest of seasons. Check out some top tips given to us by the Blue Cross to help you prepare.

Poisonous Plants for Horses

Recognising poisonous plants and trees might just save your horse’s life. Gemma at Blue Cross lists the most common poinsonous plants that all horse owners should be aware of.

DIY Toys - Horse Enrichment Toy Ideas

Any horse or pony owner will know that their four legged friend needs a little amusement in its day in between all that grazing and hacking. Here are our favourite simple DIY toys for horses!

Understanding Your Horse's Body Language

As much as we might like to be, not many of us out their can claim to be horse whisperers. However, our quick guide will help get you on your way to better understanding what your horse or pony is thinking.

Caring For Your Donkey

Donkey Care In Winter

Judy from the Flicka Foundation writes about how best to care for your donkeys in winter, and includes some general health tips too. Read on to find out more!

Top Donkey Care Tips

Donkeys are amazing creatures. They’re strong, affectionate and mischievous. They bring a great deal of love in to their owner’s hearts, but there are a few things you need to know if you are considering adopting one to join your family.

Give Us a Forever Home

Whichever horse or pony you choose, it will be looking for a forever home. A home giving them all the love, care, security and attention they need every single day for many years to come.

It is a massive commitment. Yes, the thought of riding through the beautiful British countryside every day may sound idyllic now, but horses can live up to 30 years, with ponies living even longer. If it's pouring with rain, your horse or pony will still need to stretch their legs so be prepared! Owning a horse or pony is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle choice - you will need to live and breathe horse riding to ensure your horse or pony gets all the attention and care it needs.

Make sure you read all the advice and information here before finding a friend for life.

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