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How to Make Christmas Baubles from Light Bulbs

If you are a normal human being with responsibilities, you probably haven’t replaced or even got rid of those old light bulbs that went out months ago. They are probably in the drawer where you keep instructions for the washing machine and your 5 spare Allan keys from IKEA. It is the ideal place to remember to buy some new ones. Only you never open that drawer. So, to make use of those spent sources of light, why not make some snazzy baubles for the tree!? Nothing has ever been so easy and straightforward – except maybe the other tutorials we have in stall for you.

1) Ideally you will need 2 blown light bulbs. You can use just the one, but the last step will be a little different. With a brush, cover the glass with white glue.


2) Dip or sprinkle some glitter over the wet glue and let dry. Repeat the application of glue and glitter on the other light bulb. Shake off the excess.


3) Once both light bulbs are dry and have stopped shedding glitter, attach some ribbon to the screw end. You might want to secure with glue.


4) Attach the other end of the ribbon to the second light bulb, ensuring that the ribbon is long enough to allow the decoration to hang from the tree. And there’s your Christmas decoration!


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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert