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DIY Bird House Inspiration

Bird nesting season usually spans from February until August in the UK. The busiest time for nesting season is from the beginning of March until mid-July; however the weather may have an impact on the nesting activities of certain breeds. During nesting season it is a time to really take in to consideration the needs of our wild feathered friends.

Taking in to account the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and ensuring we respectEuropean Nesting Birds Directive, utmost attention must be paid to birds’ nests when trimming back or cutting down any hedges or trees in our gardens during nesting season. If you find any birds nesting in your garden during the season, it is advisable to put any gardening work on hold until the nesting period is over.

Homemade Bird Houses

handmade bird house inspiration

With over 60 species of birds now known for using nestboxes, you might want to provide a snug and safe place for them to settle in this nesting season, so why not make a unique bird house at home? Homemade bird houses are a lot of fun to make and even more fun to observe!

When making a bird house at home, remember to use inconspicuous colours to camouflage the house from any predators. You will also want to consider other safety measures to ensure that the birds are kept safe during nesting season. Simple tips like removing the perch and making sure the birdhouse opening is just the right size, will go a long way to make sure your birds are protected! Also make sure that your birdhouse is made from the correct materials. Don’t go for a metal bird house as it will become too hot during the summer and also make the house more eye catching for predators. Head over to the RSPB website for more bird box hints and tips!

You can also attract birds to your garden by giving them their favourite foods to feast on in some DIY bird feeders! You can pick up pre made bird seed mixtures from your local pet shop or even supermarket. But why not treat them to some different foods too? A substitute for earthworms during dry summer days is dog or cat food; although it is not advisable to leave any dry pet biscuits, as birds may choke on them. It is also worth taking in to consideration the neighbourhood cat and other predators which may endanger smaller birds. Although birds cannot digest milk, you will find that fermented milk products such as mild grated cheese will be a delightful dinner for wrens, robins and dunnocks. And don’t forget if you’ve got some bread to spare, a lot of birds are partial to a slice or two broken up in to small pieces!

Will you be making a home for birds in your garden this nesting season?

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Terri Lowe

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