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Charity Members: Labrador Rescue South East & Central

There are lots of charities that use the Preloved site to advertise pets in their care that need forever homes. We love to catch up with our charity members to see how they’re getting on, and to see how they use the Preloved site to benefit their causes. We spoke to Joy from Labrador Rescue South East and Central, and she told us a bit about the charity and the work they do.

Labrador dog in field

Labrador Breed Rescue was originally a group of county based volunteers, but in 1996 a group of geographical charities including those in South, East and Central England merged together to form Labrador Rescue South East and central (LRSE&C). The charity still continues to rehome Labradors today by carefully matching potential homes with each individual dog.

Each potential home is checked and every dog is assessed. Some prospective owners may feel we are too thorough, but a cautious approach ensures the greatest chance of successfully matching each dog with their all-important, forever home. We have been advertising dogs that need rehoming on Preloved for the past year, and we’ve successfully matched a number of Labradors with new owners thanks to our adverts on the site.

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Dogs come to the charity for many reasons, but increasingly as a result of expensive health problems. The charity maintains a welfare fund for assisting with the ongoing veterinary costs of adopted dogs. We support diabetics, arthritics, and atopics, and have recently enabled Theo to have his broken leg plated and Daisy to visit a specialist eye surgeon to have her in-growing eyelashes corrected.

To continue to do this we need to raise funds, and the charity is fortunate to have volunteers prepared to attend events in all weathers to supplement the donations received. Each year we hold a Dogs Party at the DogsTrust in Harefield. It’s full of fun and games, and is always attended by hundreds of happy, healthy and much-loved Labradors. We rehome around 300 dogs a year, and give support to many more. This year we will be at Crufts next to the Labrador show ring. Do come and say hello and find out more about what we do and how you can help.

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Please visit our friendly Facebook page or our website for more details.

Labrador Rescue South East & Central

Labrador Rescue South East & Central

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Labrador Rescue South East & Central is a registered charity that has rehomed Labradors since 1996. You can find out more about the work they do and how to get involved on their website: