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Preloved's Favourite LPs

To mark the end of Preloved's Restoration Day competition, the team wanted to share their favourite LPs with the rest of the community. We tried making a top 10, but we just couldn’t agree! There are so many different tastes in music that we thought each one deserved a mention. So here are our favourite albums!

2016-08-21 00:00:04By Natalie Reynolds

Quick Reads

Is Restoring a Piano Worth It?

Standing pianos were privy to upper and middle-classes in the early 1800s, they were a sign of wealth, status; they often lived in the best room of the house, an ideal place to impress neighbours as well as being a source of entertainment. Today, many pianos are thrown out every week; keep on reading to learn why this is and whether we should strive to restore our pianos.

2016-08-20 00:00:35By Natalie Reynolds

Local & Community

Preloved Member - Restoring a Banjo

Mike is a Preloved member who has restored several musical instruments over the years. We asked him to talk about how it all started, and to share why he thinks restored items are important.

2016-08-15 00:00:16By Mike Clark

Local & Community

Preloved Piano: John Broadwood & Sons

Preloved member, Stuart, tells us all about an extremely rare and interesting item he has for sale on Preloved.

2016-03-17 10:51:47By Stuart


The World's Worst LP Covers Ever!

Want to see The World's Top Ten Worst LP covers - from Lionel Blair in eye-wateringly tight shorts to 'chicks' in a JCB digger and a chap with a crossbow? check out our hilarious gallery of cringeworthy sleeves that got it so wrong!

2013-11-12 10:56:53By Adele Gardner

Buying & selling

Picking a Preloved Guitar

Any novice guitarist quickly discovers that there is bewildering array of makes and models on the market. How do you know which to choose and what to look out for before handing over your cash? Read our guide to find out!

2011-03-08 10:20:49By Adele Gardner